If you got all of your supplies together to make a gift basket, then your are ready to go and choose some gift basket themes for food for the special people in your life. If you use your imagination you can create some pretty cool gift ideas. If you don't have your supplies together, then basically, all you need is your gift basket wrap, basket, and something to secure it with to complete your gift. Everyone loves getting creative gift baskets because there is always more that one gift inside. Putting some wrapped gifts mixed with the unwrapped ones just adds to the excitement. Furthermore, making gift baskets are just as much fun as receiving them.

There are many gift basket themes to choose from depending on the person. One of the homemade gift basket theme ideas include food. This one is a no-brainer. Every one loves food. So, if you don't know what someone is into hobby wise, this is the best way to go. If you are frugal and coupon savvy, then you can make this Christmas gift easily affordable. Here are some food gift ideas that you can use.

For a person that has moved out on their own recently, a basket with some cooking supplies makes a great gift. You could center a basket with a large cook book sitting on top of a nice skillet. Include measuring cups, peelers, mashers, large cooking spoons and spatulas. Add as many things or as little to the basket as you like. You know that they have a million small products for the kitchen that it will not take long once you start adding things inside. Here are some things that you can add. Add a cooking timer, egg separator, whisk, chopper, mixer, small cutting board, oven mittens, towel, dishrags, and a good corkscrew. You get the idea. Try to pick things that will go in their kitchen drawers because anything bigger may clash with patterns and designs that they have already picked out. If you know these things in advance, then expand upon them.

For the health nut you can't go wrong with a fruit basket. You can buy a pineapple for the height and centerpiece of the basket. Place that on top of a large tin of nuts. Throw in a few different fruit and nut trail mix bags on either side of the pineapple, and fill with fresh fruit like apples, oranges, bananas, peaches, mangos, and pears. You can make a rather large basket with these items, and they will love it. You can also make a basket with bagels and jams. You will want to use a long narrow basket for this idea. Fill it with rice cakes of different flavors. If you want to add some refrigerated items into the basket like strawberry cream cheese, and yogurt, then get up early and add those to the basket before everyone comes down to open the gifts before securing it. For the person who diets all of the time, place an exercise ball in the center of a basket, then place slim fast four packs on each side of it, fill the bottom of it with granola or protein bars. Secure this basket with a jump rope. These gift ideas work well with a vegetarian too.

For those that would rather have a heart attack on a plate basket, then go for it. It is only once a year. The Loveless Café's online stores have an array for country smoked, bacon, sausage, and ham, that has been smoked, cured, and vacuum packed so it doesn't require refrigeration. They also have biscuit packs that are out of this world. Place a small package of coffee inside the basket too, Throw in some different flavors of jelly, jams, and a new spatula, and you are good to go. Secure your basket with some ribbon strung through the tabs on some oven mitts and you are good to go.

Gift baskets for the pancake lover in your life. Pancake baskets with maple syrup is always a hit. Set a wrought iron skillet and spatula as the centerpiece and add nuts and different flavors of syrup. Include a new and elegant syrup decanter and they will love it.

Gift baskets for kids concerning food should include some cookie dough. You could center the basket with a large pizza sized cookie as the centerpiece of the basket. Prop it up on its side. You could also make the centerpiece from a huge cool looking cookie jar and fill it with their favorite cookies. Fill the rest of the basket with tins and bags of cookies. Mix up some of your own ingredient in a jar with a printed label on the front with directions on how to make your cookies. Secure the basket with some tinseled garland strung through some cookie cutters for a dramatic effect. They will love it. Substitute brownies for brownie lovers, and chocolate bars, chips, kisses, truffles, chocolate covered nuts, and suckers for the chocolate lover. Don't forget to toss in some cocoa, marshmallows, and graham crackers for the occasional graham cracker smores creator in your kid pool.

Make an Italian basket for the pasta aficionado in the house. Place a new beautiful brightly colored colander inside of the basket. Add some Penne Rigate handmade pasta with Elena's Arrabbiata Tomato Sauce. Surround this display with some Italian breadsticks, cloves of Garlic, and some Parmesan cheese. Place a couple of herb and garlic cheese balls inside of the basket. Finish with some corn polenta and you will be loved forever.

The coffee lover is pretty easy to buy for if they have a gourmet taste. Get them a cute little coffee pot for the center piece, and place some Dunkin Donut and Starbucks coffee on each side of it. Surround and fill in the rest of the basket with gourmet coffees. Add in a nice coffee measuring spoon. Place some flavorful creamers inside. Don't forget the dunking sticks and Almond Biscotti. This one is my personal favorite.

Gift basket themes for food ideas is very simple to pull off. It is one of the easiest ways to make a large impact relatively inexpensively. If done creatively these ideas can make a beautiful Christmas present or for any occasion.