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You've made your list, you've checked it twice, and although you thought you were finished getting all of the gifts there is always someone that you forgot. So, gift basket themes for any occasion can solve your problem in a snap. Everyone has event or thing that makes their day. All you have to do is take that theme and build an elegant basket around it. If you are a little crafty and have a lot of imagination, then there is no end to the gift basket themes that you can come up with for that special someone. Furthermore, if you are frugal and coupon savvy, then you can come up with some of the most beautiful gift baskets for next to nothing. I am a person who loves to have lots of presents under the tree. We did not have much growing up, and one year we did not have a Christmas at all, so maybe I try to over compensate. A few baskets tucked here and there fills those bare spots under the tree and makes the kids eyes light up with anticipation.

If you don't always have the supplies that you need to make a gift basket, then you should purchase a decent supply of them after Christmas when everything is dirt cheap. Get plenty of the clear wrapping paper when it is on sale. Clear wrapping paper is handy throughout the year for basket making gifts for birthdays, Valentine day gifts, and Easter too! If you have a good supply of it on hand, then your money is freed up shopping for a gift. You need to make sure that you get larger rolls because baskets usually require plenty of paper.

Next, you will need the baskets. You can find an abundant amounts of this usually at consignment shops, and yard sales. You can also buy them at the local Dollar store in threes. Depending on the theme that you choose you can buy the plastic ones at the Dollar tree for a dollar. Anytime throughout the year that you run across these for next to nothing, buy them. You can store them inside of each other to save space in your home until the an event arrives when you will need them. If you don't have any baskets around, or you can't find any, then a cardboard box can do the trick. You can find them in dumpsters behind grocery and liquor stores most of the time for free. You can purchase them at Wal-Mart for next to nothing. You can fold the top flaps down inside of the box and spray paint them to match your theme. You can also wrap them in paper that fit's the occasion. I make Christmas boxes each year and decorate them for the person. After they open their gifts, I make them give them back. Each year they know which presents are for them. Each year I add on to the collection. They do not look tacky. As you can see, they are beautiful.

Tape is a necessity and that goes without saying, however, if you use your imagination you can find all kinds of ideas to secure your baskets wrapping paper. Raffia and curling ribbon are just a few more things that go on sale after Christmas that you should take advantage of too. These are not the only things that can secure a basket. For example, if you had a basket that involves hair products, then secure it with a beautiful hair bow or hair clip that serves at a gift as well. If you have a basket that has a baking theme, then get two decorative plastic spoons, crisscross them at the top and secure with a string as your bow. If you make a cookie basket, then string some tinseled garland through some different shaped cookie cutters and tie it that way. If you make a popcorn themed basket, then use some popcorn to make a garland. Secure the basket with tape and loosely tie the popcorn garland around the tape and tie it into a bow. With a good imagination the possibilities are end less.

You can never have enough tissue paper at your disposal. Buy all of the tissue paper that you can after Christmas. You will not regret it. It doesn't matter what color or theme that you choose either. Red can be used at Christmas and at Valentines day. Green can be used on St. Patty's Day. Red, white, and blue can be used on the 4th of July in a centerpiece. You can put any color in the world in a birthday box, and you can use matching tissue paper in many bagged gifts too.

Take advantage of all of that ribbon and bags that hits they floor as presents are being unwrapped during the holidays. As I make the rounds to different occasions that I am invited to, I collect the bags and ribbon that is headed for the trash. Don't underestimate the decorative popcorn tins either. This are great containers for future presents or storage bins for Christmas decorations, lights, and garland that are easy to spot in the attic or shed during the next holiday season. At office Christmas parties, you can come across some pretty interesting containers to put presents in, as well as tons of ribbon. Just remember that after you do this a few times, the competition will begin, and the idea will become infectious among those people around you. Where I worked in TN my colleagues will lay claim to containers rather quickly now. Make sure that you don't try to go for something someone has brought and may want back because that is just plain rude and greedy, but try snagging a few containers now and then, and after a while you will have a good supply of items to make, wrap, and secure presents with that will cost you nothing.

If you begin stocking up on these things this year, then you will have many items to create gift basket themes for any occasion that may arise throughout the year. Furthermore, there are lost of items that never get bought during the holiday season that are dirt cheap. You need to get into a habit of purchasing these things because somewhere throughout the year someone will have a birthday that you have forgot about. Keeping these items in store will never leave you empty handed.

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