The keys to creating a great gift is the uniqueness, the idea or thought behind the present and how it will be received by another person. A gift basket, can be all of those and a money saving idea too. You have probably seen the fruit assortments in your local grocery store ranging from $20 to $30 or more. If you are like me, I feel as though I can do as good a job or better at a fraction of the cost I see on the price tags in my neighborhood shops. With my help, anyone can create a lovely gift basket they will be proud to present to anyone, anytime.

Things You Will Need

1. Large enough basket for the contents. I will suggest 10 inches X 12 inches. Slightly smaller is alright, but very much smaller, will make your contents overflow and not sit well inside. Select a 5 or 6 inch deep basket for our project. Approximate dimensions are suggested and not required.

2. One oversized, large table napkin or standard size kitchen towel.

3. 2 feet of colored ribbon, according to your napkin or kitchen towel mentioned above.

4. 4 feet of florist cellophane in any color you wish or even clear.

5. Fruit needed: 2 almost green bananas, 1 apple, 1 pear, 1 orange, 1 grapefruit, small branch of red grapes, small box of berries available; raspberries, strawberries or blueberries. Look at your fruit selection to keep the color a variety. If you need another tone, select a tangerine or a very red apple of another variety. If you have a larger basket, buy more fruit that catches your eyes at the produce department.

6. Small bag of sunflower seeds already shelled.

7. Long, slender box of chocolates or jelly candies.

8. Box of assorted flavored teas.

9. Scissors

Step 1

Work on a large flat surface to begin your gift basket project. Wash all your fruit and dry thoroughly. I let my fruit air dry too, so it does not have any moisture on it when I place it in the gift basket.

Step 2

Place your empty basket on the table or counter top. Open your napkin or towel and insert it in the basket so the pointed edges hang over the edge of the basket.  Insert the tall candy box at one end if your basket has a handle. If your basket does not have a handle, place the candy in the center of the basket.  Begin putting the fruit to balance the look of your fruit basket. Do not put all one color fruit together. Place the bananas with the more pleasing side in the upward position.

Step 3

If your box of tea has individually wrapped tea bags, open the box and use those separately on the edges of the basket , in between the towel and the fruit. If your box of tea is one that the bags are not individully wrapped, leave the box closed and place it in the basket where it looks nice. Place the small package of sunflower seeds in the basket where you think it looks well.

Step 4

Tie 4 inces of ribbon on each of the pointed ends of the drapped towel or napkin. Let the ends hang freely cutting the end at an angle. They will look pointed at the end now instead of flat or straight.

Step 5

Place the entire basket in the center of your florist cellophane. Bring the pointed ends together and secure with an amount of ribbon you desire. Make a bow or use several strips to create the layered ribbon look while they dangle freely from the gathered cellophane. Tuck in the cellophane as needed to pull that cellophane toward the basket for a finished look.

Add a card or tag. Your gift basket is ready for giving to anyone, anytime.

Tips & Warnings

A huge tip would be to shop at the dollar store near you to purchase as many items as you can so your budget can sustain this gift basket. Wal-Mart has a great assortment of reasonably priced items that might help too.