If someone you know is getting married, you may want to consider gift baskets for wedding gifts.  This type of congratulatory present can be homemade or purchased online or at the store.  If you look at making your own, you will be able to add a very personal  touch to the present.  This can really help your present stand out from the rest at the shower.  Let’s look at how to make your own gift baskets for webbing gifts and what you may want to consider adding to them.


The Container

As you look at making gift baskets for wedding gifts, you need to consider what type of container you will use to hold the items.  You don’t need to be boring with this one.  You can make it a practical item, something funny, or stay with tradition.  Here are just some of the things you can use, if you don't want to buy a  premade wedding gift basket.

Plastic Totes:  Everyone uses plastic totes these days.  Why not make this the gift basket you use for wedding gifts?  It’s a practical idea and something a bit out of the ordinary that you may want to keep in mind as you assemble the present for the new married couple.

Wicker:  This is a traditional container that you can use.  You can adjust the size of the wicker container to suit your needs.  You will find these at just about any department store these days, so it won’t be too hard to find one you and the new married couple will like.

Laundry Containers:  Everyone uses laundry hampers and containers, so why not use them as you make gift baskets for wedding gifts.  It’s another practical idea that could get some really good use.


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The Contents

Now that you have selected a container to make your gift basket for a wedding gift, you will need to determine what you want to place in it.  You will have tons of options for this, so you won’t have too much trouble filling up the container.

Food:  Some gourmet food items or even cheese and crackers could be used to fill up your container.  This is a practical idea, but it can be made more upscale with the purchase of gourmet type food items. 

Wine/Champagne:  You can put some champagne or quality bottles of wine in the container, along with some nice glasses for drinking it.  Consider personalizing the glasses with the couple’s names and the date they got married.   It’s a nice idea for gift baskets for wedding gifts.

Photos/Frames/Albums:  If you have several pictures of the couple, why not put together a small photo album, or have frames personalized for their new marriage.  This is just one of the many ideas you can implement.  If you have some nice photos of the couple, get some copies made and include them.

Household Items:  You can fill homemade gift baskets for wedding gifts with needed household items, especially if the new married couple has not lived together.  Just about anything is fair game.  Small appliances, cooking utensils, blankets, or even towels could all be included in the container.


Romantic Items:  You fill the gift basket for a wedding gift with romantic items for the newlyweds.  Bubble bath, massage lotions, or just about any other type of romantic idea you can find could be included with the present.  Be sure to use caution that you don’t include anything to adult oriented.  While you may know the couple very well, you may not know all the people around them when they open up the wedding gift basket.  This could be too embarrassing or uncomfortable for them on their big day.

Humorous Items:  There’s nothing wrong with a gag to lighten the mood.  You can buy novelty gag items at many local stores or online.  It’s one of the many ideas you can add to a homemade present for a married couple.  There are many funny ideas you could use for your homemade wedding gift basket that would make very nice presents.

Additional Supplies:

To make the gift basket you are giving out as a wedding gift look really nice, you may want to dress it up a bit, so it stands apart from the rest of the presents.  Listed below are just a few of the items you can add to your present so it looks great.  You can use one or all of the ideas provided to suit your personal needs and the needs of the couple.

Shredded Paper:  If you use shredded colored paper, you can make the present look really nice.  The paper also serves a functional purpose, as it can help hold the contents in place during transport and movement, so the presentation remains as you intend.  The splash of color will also help to make your wedding gift basket stand out from the crowd and catch people’s attention, especially the new bride and groom.

Wrapping:  You may want to use a colored cellophane wrap for the present.  If you are looking at homemade gift baskets for wedding gifts, you can really make it look nice by wrapping it up nicely.  If cellophane isn’t your thing, you can wrap it up in just about anything.  Maybe a tablecloth or blanket, which could be included as part of the present, could  be used to wrap it up.  It would be a nice personal touch.

Card:  Be sure you add a nice card to the present, so it adds a personal touch.  You can make it a funny or sentimental card, depending on your relationship with the married couple.  You will find cards all over the place, so you will have plenty of options to keep in mind.

Miscellaneous:  If you are looking at making your own gift basket for a wedding gift, there will be some additional supplies you may want to keep in mind.  Like shredded paper, tinsel or tissue paper can be used.  In addition, you may want to dress it up with some bows or ribbons.  There are really countless ideas, so you can add just about anything you want for a personal touch.