Buying Gifts for Kids

Buying Christmas gifts for kids can be a fun challenge.  While everyone has their own Christmas present traditions, purchasing a good balance between fun, educational and practical gifts is a good way to make sure your kids get a few things they want along with things they need this holiday season.  The following are a few ideas to make gift buying for your kids a little easier:

  • One of the best ways to get an idea of what your kids want for Christmas is to have them sit down and make a list.  But, it’s important to make sure they know that just because they put something on the list, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is something they’ll get.  Your child’s list will most likely be made up of fun things that they want, rather than need, but it’s a great place to start.
  • It’s important to set up a plan and a budget before you begin your Christmas shopping.  Figure out about how much you want to spend for the holiday season on gifts for your kids and divide that between each child.  While it doesn’t matter down to the dollar and cents spent, you should try to keep gifts pretty equal in cost.  Planning out your Christmas shopping ahead of time also makes for more efficient shopping trips and allows you to plan ahead and purchase gifts online as well. 
  • Finding the happy medium between a child’s wants and needs when it comes to Christmas gifts can be tricky, but it’s definitely a great way to get your kids a few of the things they really need in a more fun way.  For example, many families have the tradition of giving a new pair of pajamas on Christmas eve, perfect for the child who needs a new pair of pajamas. Along with some fun stocking-stuffers, consider including a couple new pairs of socks, chapstick, makeup, nail polish, their favorite lotion or other things that they may need.  Larger gifts might include a new jacket, a new pair of boots, a few new tops for their winter wardrobe, etc. Mix these things in with a few items from their wish list and you’ll have a well-balanced Christmas.
  • When it comes to smaller children, it’s important to keep it low-key.  Setting a precedence of presents, presents, presents can be a damaging tactic.  Instead, as mentioned before, include gifts that they need such as new clothes, baby ties, lotion, socks, etc. One or two new toys is ample when it comes to new and exciting gifts.  Any more than that, and they won’t be able to process all of the new things that are now available to them.