Anytime a gift is thought about, the cost seems to enter into the all around picture of the activity. It can be a birthday, housewarming, Thank you or a Holiday of some other proportion that seems to call us to give a thoughtful item. The item does not have to be an expensive one, but one that conveys our appreciation to celebrate an occasion with another person. The gifts of consideration or thoughtfulness can be given at anytime and received very well by the receipient. See if my idea of gift giving provides a simple answer to your event you will be attending with a present.

Time does not always fall on the correct budget place for spending a lot of money, when it comes to a gift that we wish to give to someone. I offer a suggestion for a homemade special present that can be a last minute offering and not at all feel like that to the recipient. In this hasty situation, saving money will be a consideration as well, so the ease of giving will not have an after bite of regret for the giver; you.

Often times a friend or relative arrives, on short notice, in the hospital or some other care facility. When around the holidays, this is so disruptive to everyone, especially the patient. Your time and money are tightly held, but now you want to bring a gift to the person in the health care facility that conveys your thoughtfulness.

You might know them very well and yet the patient is not truly situated in their temporary home away from home to have a place for some gifts. The person will always have room for the gift you will be giving.

Purchase a small stack of assorted colored 3X5 cards. Write a cheerful saying of yours, on the card. You just might remember a happy collection of words to place on that card if you do not come up with something original. You can place a prayer, a wish or any thing you can say for comfort on the card. There are times, when your presence is far more important than a present.

Each visit a new card can be given to your friend or relative in a care facility. If you are unable to personally pay a face to face visit, your card or cards can be eaily mailed in a standard size envelope to reach them too.

Some decorative stickers, pressed flowers or other decorative touches can be included on your 3X 5 card. For Autie, who loves pretty items, you can glue slim pieces of lace around the edges or on the card in some other way that you decide. Let your imagination tell you what to do with your 3X5 card.

Sometimes plants are in the way or are too fragrant for a person. Your card will not take up much room and have no ill effects on anyone, including the person you are giving it to. There is something about a homemade, handmade gift item like the one I am referring to in this suggestion. I have had so many great accolades from people receiving these from me, that I give them as house warming gifts to my new neighbors when I first meet them.

Acutally there are so many opportunities to give a gift like this, you will be thinking of your own times, other than holidays and the ones I suggested to give this present too. Have fun with this idea!