Buying for the holidays can amount to a lot of money going out and sometimes a big bill after the celebration is all finished. My part two is an extension to part one on gifts that will be simple to make and keep within a good budget also. These are personal ideas that I have found to give such happiness to those who have received them and now share them with you here.

Pictures have a way to say what it would take 1000 words to convey. Even though you might not have personal pictures that can be used for this project, I will tell you how to create a memorable gift that will be outstanding when received by the person you give it to.

Many outlets as well as online sites create calendars from pictures brought to them. Some well known chains actually have the knowledge to crop and work wonders with scrapbooks or memory books too.

Decide if it is a calendar, scrapbook or memory book for your present. If a calendar is your choice, you will need at least 12 pieces of either photos or sayings to be showcased on each of the twelve pages. The days of that month will take up most of the page. When a scrapbook is your option, your number of pages can be the number you want to be. Memory books can give you the choice as to the number of pages desired too. Think which one of the above mentioned ones you want to construct for your budget present before you go further.

Find your sayings, poetry, and personal thoughts you want to include with each photo. Collect pictures of flowers, scenery and animals together for your gift you are creating. Pieces of material can be added for your creative desires to make them more meaningful. Make the items you select appropriate to the person you are making this gift for, using your imagination. For instance, if a woman or man has a fondness for gardening, you can incorporate garden tools below and around pictures of vegetable plants. The person receiving might enjoy golf or some other sport which can be highlighted with pictures of shoes, clubs, club house and attire pictures appropriate to that subject idea. This gift is so personal that with some knowledge of the receiver it can be unique and an appreciated present. Yet can be simply put together for actually knowing very little about someone's personal likes.

You will be able to select colors, formatting and page sizes for the pages and covers of your calendar, memory book or scrapbook. Have your ideas or write them down on paper so you can maximize your time with the helpers in these stores.

Bring them to Staples, Wal-Mart or a photo shop to have them assist you with your budget present this holiday. Along with special sayings, your own thoughts and any poems suitable to your photographs will begin the calendar, memory book or scrapbook you are simply making for your special person.

Take a look at my gift wrapping ideas for the great finishing touches on your budget gift giving for the holidays.