This is part one of a series of gift crafts for you to easily create and give with confidence without spending a lot of money.

If you are a really crafty person, you might not appreciate these simple to make gift giving ideas for any occasion. Since I am craft challenged, I put together some very simple to make presents that have wowed my recievers for years. The budget for these can range from very frugal to reasonable for any event, which can be doubly appreciated in the present economy. The assortment is varied so there will be gifts for men and women and children too. These might be projects you and your children can create together and give to someone who will be smiling as they accept your gift.

Not only is the Chrisitan, but the Jewish holidays are fast approaching when we like to give a simple remembrance to those who mean a lot to us all the time. A true gift does not have to be an expensive one to be cherished. In fact, many homemade treasures are reflected back as the high point for the person accepting your craft.

1. Go to the local fabric store and purchase some very fine mesh fabric. Wal-Mart sells tightly knit netting for as little as $1.29 a yard. This comes in assorted colors, so choose a color the person might enjoy. You can go for festive colors for the season or randomly buy an attractive hue. You will need a 6 inch by 6 inch piece of mesh for each of the items we will be making together. While you are in your fabric department, look at the ribbon so you can either contrast it to your mesh or coordinate it to match. You will need a string of an 8 inch piece of ribbon for each project piece. Your idea for the width of the ribbon will depend on you. I use half inch ribbon since it ties well and has a classy show when made into a bow also. Nothing is too thin, but try staying away from the really thick ribbons unless you can manage them well for the project I am helping you with here.

2. Go to your local florist and request some discarded roses, lavender stalks or anything they plan on throwing away and not using. You will be able to acquire some great items, if you arrive at the correct time, which often is late evening after their last delivery. You can call ahead, however I have had the best luck in just arriving 1/2 hour before they close. If need be, you can return at a time that will be convenient for the managers, if they state that would be better. Bring your own brown bag, and a plastic one too, so there will be no expense to the florist when they give you those items free.

3. Completely dry, for several days, your sprigs from the florist shops. This is easily done by putting those items, single layer, on a paper towel to air dry. Keep them out of the direction of a door that is opened often or anything that might cause a draft and dispurse your precious fragrance pieces.

4. You can often tell if the floral pieces are dry, by taking one piece in between your fore finger and thumb and seeing if it goes into tiny pieces when squeezed. If the end result is a tiny pile of dust, you are ready to begin your project.

5. Prepare your work space on a table or counter top with all your above mentioned materials. You will need a measuring tape, a pair of sharp, flat scissors and a pair of pinking sheers in addition to your fabric, ribbon and floral findings.

6. You are now ready to construct your sachet bags. Lay the fabric netting down flat. With the scissors cut a 6 inch by 6 inch square for each of the sachet bags you plan on making. Use the pinking sheers to cut the edges off, so they are round and decorative after the pinking sheers are used. You may also trim the entire edge with the pinking sheers, but you don't have to. Take a look and see if you like the corner edges only in a design with the pinking sheeers. That is my favorite look, so I don't ever trim all the outside, I just do the corners to round them with the pinking sheers.

7. Use your judgement on the contents of your sachet bags, only filling them with a sparce amount of the floral scented pieces you obtained and dried. Too much will not allow the rest of the netting to be drawn up and fanned out before you tie it with your ribbon. I have used a measure of 4 to 6 tablespoons full to be quite adequate for aroma and looks too.

8. Tie your ribbon tightly around, very close to the contents in your netting. Double knot the ribbon and tie a soft bow to complete the ribbon tying part of your sachet. You can attach a gift card, make one with some colored paper, bring a card to give along with the sachet or let the sachet be alone to be fully enjoyed by itself.