Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Gifts for Girls Aged 10 and Above

Gift Ideas for Girls Aged 10 and Up

Teenage Girls Gift Ideas

Grown up kids needs different sets of gifts that sometimes you end up looking for more gift ideas for girls aged 10 and above. Kids belonging to this age group have outgrown playing toys. Hence, you have to stop searching for their gifts at the toys section of the department store and look, instead, at the girls sections where you find some attractive girlie stuff that they would like to have.

However, there are exceptions because there are still some girls aged 10 and above that would like to play and collect toys. Many of them are no longer playing them. Instead they are collecting these toy collectibles for display in their rooms.

Anyway, if you are searching for more gift ideas for girls aged 10 and above, then perhaps the following gift suggestions can help spur out your creativity and imagination in coming up with a unique gift for a teenage girl.

Polly Pocket and Puppy in My Pocket

While Polly Pocket and Puppy in my Pocket are considered toys, these also serve as collectibles that would create perfect room ambiance for a girl’s room. Some girls aged 10 to 12 still enjoying playing these cute puppies in their corresponding puppy houses. Teenage girls aged 13 to 16 are more into collection than playing. Aside from Polly Pocket and Puppy in My Pocket, Barbie dolls are also great collectible items. These toys would make a nice addition to their collections.

Diary Books and Scrapbooks

At this age, many girls are becoming secretive of their thoughts, yet they are longing for expressions. They have thoughts and feelings that they would like to share. Some are even too personal to share even with their close friends. And so they just write them in their diary books. Hence, they would truly appreciate receiving an attractive and nicely presented diary books during special occasions. Aside from diary books, they would also love to receive scrapbooks where they can bring out their artistic talents and creativity. At this age, many girls have crushes. They love to cut-out pictures of their favorite celebrities and paste them on their scrapbooks. Some would simply paste pictures of themselves with their friends and add colorful artistic designs on the page.

Watches and Jewelries

Teenage girls are caught between childhood and adulthood. As a child, they would like to imitate adults. As mature person, they would like to wear something that would make them feel mature like a nice watch, an elegant necklace, or a luxurious earring. When buying watches and jewelries, make sure they are of good quality. For watches, it should be made by a popular brand where they can show them off with their friends.

Headphone or a Sony Walkman

These girls love to listen to music, and they would like to have a music player on their own. A Sony Walkman would do. If their mobile phones are equipped with a music player, then that would do. However, they are always yearning for top-quality music. This can be achieved by having a premium headset. Mind you, not just any ordinary headphone but a headset made by a popular brand like Beats by Dr. Gre, or other popular brands used by their favorite song artists or rock stars. If you have bigger budget, then an Apple iPod Nano is better and more attractive to them.

Android Phone or iPhone

These gifts ideas are getting heavy on your pocket but these will surely thrill them. An iphone or any Android phone like a Sony Ericsson Xperia would surely give them a surprise from you. Girls at this age are techie, and they would love to own something that is hot on the market. They also need to have their own mobile phone. And these are not just any standard phones but something that is fully loaded with awesome features that provide ultimate wholesome entertainment.

All these gift ideas for girls aged 10 and above are by no means the only things that excite teenage girls, but these gift ideas can hopefully help in getting more unique gift ideas for girls at this age group.