Here are 10 gift ideas under 10 dollars. It can be done, and it just takes some creativity and a bit of time.

In this economy, many people will be rethinking those big ticket items for Christmas this year or any other special time such as birthdays.  Or maybe you are tired of giving your credit card a workout. Whatever your reason is, there are many ways to create gifts ideas under 10 dollars that are thoughtful and warm and from the heart.

1.  Create Your Own Food Gifts Using Dollar Store and Grocery Store

With these types of gifts, the dollar store or discount store can be your best friend.

From this store or discount store, find a colander, pasta scoop, and a garlic press, and nice tea towel.

Now head to the grocery store, and find yourself a package of spaghetti, a really nice bottled pasta sauce, and some garlic cloves. Put all ingredients in the colander and then wrap in the tea towel for a unique gift.


2.  Thrift Store or Re-Use Center for an Old Frame...

and find a decent picture frame. There are usually loads of these piled up in a corner somewhere.

Get a wooden one, and then clean it up, and either refinish it with stain, or paint it a nice color, or glue items to it, such as beads, shells or whatever you desire.

Find a good photograph of your gift recipient and place in the frame. This is a nice personalized gift.

3. If you have the time, knit a scarf

Bulky long scarves are in this year, and with a simple stitch you can create a nice scarf for less. Get your wool at the discount store, or check the re-use stores.

or get a book Leisure Arts Learn To Knit Scarf Kit

4. Movie Night Supplies

Go to the grocery store and get a small package of microwave popcorn.

Then get to the local movie store and get a gift coupon for a rental movie or purchase one on sale for 5 bucks or less and create your gift basket.

If they don't need any movies, you can still create a goody basket or bowl for movie night.


Now go to the discount store and get a cute plastic bowl for the popcorn. Place your popcorn and movie coupon inside the bowl. Instant movie night gift!

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5. If you are computer savvy...

make a CD or Data Stick of your recipients favorite music.

Or... compile all their photographs on their computer onto a CD for safe keeping or recipes or patterns or anything you think they will like, and decorate the CD case. Or if they like to cook, make a CD of great recipes.

6. Coffee Shop

 Go to your local coffee shop and get a gift certificate for 2 coffees and 2 treats.

Put in a nice card, or in a coffee mug (from the dollar store). Now hand this to your recipient, and hope that she/he takes you for coffee!

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7. I find with older people, they really don't want more "things"

so why not create a gift certificate of "some time" with your loved one? Like an afternoon walk, and then a coffee and treat at the coffee shop? This gift would be priceless!

8. A gift certificate

from the local bowling alley for one game

9. A cookie mix that you Put Together Ready to Bake

Take all your dry ingredients for the cookie recipe and measure them out.

Find a really nice jar (from the dollar store) and make sure it is clean and dry.

Now layer your dry ingredients in the jar.

Tie a wooden spoon (from the dollar store) to the side of the jar with a cute piece of ribbon, and type out the cookie recipe for them.

Now all they have to do is add the wet ingredients to this mixture and there is their cookies!


You Can Also Purchase Them Made for 10 Bucks or Less

(Make sure to choose a simple recipe) Or better yet, offer to come over and make the cookies for them. But the jar looks pretty with the layered dry ingredients.

This Downloadable Book has Tons of Recipes for Cheap!

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take the dry ingredients from any of these recipes and layer them into a clear glass jar and attach a written recipe card and a wooden spoon for a great gift.

10. Find out if your local move theater has 1/2 price nights

Around my area, Tuesdays are 1/2 price night.

You could get a gift certificate, or make up your own on the computer, offering to take them to the movies on 1/2 price night.

With a little creativity and the local dollar store, you can create nice thoughtful gifts.

I am sure you can think of more gift ideas under 10 dollars, but hopefully this has got you started.