Original gift ideas boyfriends will appreciate. How to choose gift ideas for your boyfriend? All boyfriends are difficult to choose presents for but follow this step-by-step process and find the ideal gift idea for your boyfriend.

You will want to find something your boyfriend would choose for himself, if he only thought about it. Thinking of that special gift, though, causes major trauma for many girlfriends unless they have a process to help them to think creatively.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends – The Process

Make a list of everything your boyfriend does, everything he is interested in and everything you think he might become interested in. Look at this list for inspiration, but write down your own list on paper or in a notebook.

Everything He Does: sleep, eat, watch TV, dress, walk, play football, listen to music, rides motorbike, shave

Everything He is Interested In: football, beer, talking, clothes, music, skate-boarding, meeting mates, motorbikes

Some Things He Might Become Interested In: rally driving, weekend away, tuning-up motorbike engines, different beers, speedway

Make a list 2 or 3 gift ideas related to each interest, similar to the one below.

Gift Ideas
Sleep Nightshirt
Eat Meal out cookery course
Watch TV Extra satellite channel subscription
Walk Coat, umbrella, shoes, GPS
Play Football Kit, football
Listen to Music MP3 player and accessories, CDs, Concert tickets
Ride Motorbike Boots, magazines, biker clothing
Shave Hot towel shave at a barber, electric shaver, body wax
Beer Home-brew kit
Clothes Take him shopping, men's style magazines
Skateboarding Clothes, watch, hat, new board, magazines
Meeting Friends
Web-cam, cell phone
Rally Driving Weekend course in rally or racing driver training
Weekend Away Surprise romantic weekend away for you both, ideally a themed weekend around one of his interests
Engine Tuning Books, course on tuning engines of bikes and cars
Different Beers Trip to brewery, beer sampling theme weekend away
Speedway Tickets, magazines, extra Satellite TV or Cable channels

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #1 Spa Treatment

Spa treatments are for men as well as women. Book a weekend together in a hotel that offers spa treatments. Look for as wide a range of treatments as possible so that you can both find ones you like the idea of. You can have some treatments together, others separate and meet up for romantic meals afterwards.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #2 Hot Air Balloon Ride

Anyone who has ever had a ride in a hot air balloon recommends it to everyone they meet. These rides are normally for a party of 6-8, so you will have to pay extra if you want the balloon to yourselves. It is probably better to make a weekend of it, as most balloon rides start in the early morning and you will want to be at the location the night before.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #3 Tickets for Motorbike or Car Racing

There are all kinds of things happening at any race track or speedway as well as the cars or bikes. You will both have a great day out. It might be a good idea to stop in a hotel close to the track the night before to ensure you arrive early to savour the build-up of tension as the first race approaches.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #4 Telescope or Binoculars

Whether it is for watching birds or motorbikes, horses or the moon, everyone loves to use a telescope or binoculars. Just looking at the night sky through binoculars enables you to see ten times as many stars. The binocular lenses are about one inch across, so has an area of about 0.8 square inches, each. The pupil in your eye is only about 0.25 inches across, giving each pupil an area of 0.05 square inches. The binocular lenses gather 16 times more light than the unaided eye, meaning you can see very faint stars and planets.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #5 Extra Television

Most people could use an extra TV, whether it is in the kitchen or the bedroom. Portable ones are inexpensive and are easily mounted on shelves or on the wall.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #6 Horse Riding Lessons

Horses are not just for teenaged girls, maybe your boyfriend has never thought about horse riding, but he might enjoy it. Book a private lesson for the two of you, rather than going to a group lesson with 15 10 year old girls.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #7 Poker Lessons

You can buy lessons in anything these days, even card games.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #8 Framed or Block-mounted Print

You can always find a print of a photo or a painting to suit anyone's taste. These prints are very reasonably priced, especially if they are block-mounted.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #9 Tour of a Sports Stadium

What greater gift can any sports mad boyfriend get than a visit to his team's stadium to see the changing rooms and training facilities that the fans never see.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #10 Car Maintenance Classes

Almost everyone owns a car sooner or later. Basic car maintenance classes are important in terms of understanding how an automobile works.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #11 Tattoo

A tattoo is not everyone's cup of tea, but if it is something your boyfriend has expressed an interest in then make him an appointment with a reputable tattoo artist. Have one yourself at the same time, perhaps.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #12 Jewellery

Rings, earrings, nose-studs, whatever his taste in jewellery, men's gold accessories are reasonably priced.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #13 Adventure Weekend

Assault courses may not be your cup of tea, but many boyfriends would love the opportunity to show off in front of you..

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #14 Specialist Driving Experience

Driving lessons in tanks, four wheel drive trucks and rally cars all make great ideas for you, or him.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #15 HiFi Components

If he has good speakers, the chances are that he only has cheap speaker cable. It might sound silly, but a speaker cable upgrade costs from $10 to $100 and makes a big improvement in sound quality

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #16 Camping Gear

Maybe you fancy more weekends away but money is tight. Buy a tent and sleeping bags and get away every weekend.

Gift Ideas: Boyfriends #17 Made to Measure Shirts

Men's shirts are all shaped the same, but men come in different shapes and sizes. The only way to get a shirt that fits in the chest, waist, neck and sleeves is to have one made to measure, and the service costs less than you might think.