Run out of gift ideas for husband or boyfriend? What do you buy the man who has everything? Gifts, ideally, should be items that he would have bought for himself if he had thought of it. Inexpensive luxury gift ideas for your husband that he will appreciate can be difficult to think of and hard to find.

What do you buy the husband who has everything, when he buys whatever he needs. You want gift ideas for your husband, though; gifts are luxuries, rather than things anyone actually NEEDS. That is not to say that your husband will not be genuinely pleased with your gift, it should just be something he would not have bought for himself.

Generating Gift Ideas for Husband:-The Process

Make a list of your husband's hobbies and interests. Include hobbies that you think he would like to take up and those he has not followed in an active way recently. Hobbies can include things he does on his own or that you do together. Try to think of fifteen or twenty, including possible future hobbies.

Your list might include some of these; driving, dressing smartly, football, travelling, seeing new places, sports such as golf, snooker or kayaking, visiting the theatre, beer, listening to music, watching television, decorating, woodwork, writing poetry.

Writing down his interests forces you to think constructively about them. This is more likely to get your thought processes flowing and help you come up with gift ideas for your husband.

Imagine you won the lottery jackpot. Write down two or three things he would buy for each interest.

Choosing Gifts for Husband:- The Examples


Gift Ideas for Husband


Sunglasses, car accessories, maps, GPS, advanced driving instruction, racing-car driving lessons, rally driving course, CD Stacker, MP3 player

Dressing Smartly

Tie, Trouser braces (suspenders), cuff-links, hat, coat, jacket, boots, dress watch, scarf, bow-tie, jewellery, laser hair removal, waxing, hot towel shave, laser surgery, image consultant session, made to measure shirts

Cap, football, replica kit, books, memorabilia, DVDsmatch ticket or season ticket, football ground tour, scarf

Rail tour, magazine subscriptions (eg National Geographic), books, DVD, satellite TV channel subscription, cruise holiday, weekend away
Seeing New Places

Rail tour, weekend away, tickets to particular historical venues

Playing Sports
Kit, tickets, venue visits and tours, theme weekends away


Theater tickets, acting lessons, singing lessons


Brewery visit, beer sampling weekend, home brew kit

New turntable to play old vinyl, LPs, CDs, DVDs, concert tickets, opera tickets, music lessons, membership of music appreciation group, magazine subscription

Watching TV
Extra channel subscriptions, TV studio visit

Books, timber, plans, tools, master classes

Writing Poetry

Books, poetry readings, theme weekend away

You can see the kind of ideas that your list of hobbies and interests can generate. Everyone has a large range of interests once you make yourself write them down. Following this process for any interest will generate gift ideas for husbands, even the most difficult ones.

Gift Ideas for Husband #1 Surprise weekend away

Book something related to HIS interests. Many hotels run special theme weekends. Choose somewhere romantic and it will be a win-win break away. Make it a bit further away than you would normally go. Book tickets for the theater and a restaurant to make it the perfect weekend for both of you.

Gift Ideas for Husband #2 Flying Lessons

You can book one-off lessons or courses of lessons in helicopters and in fixed wing planes. He will need to have a medical examination before being allowed to take the controls.

Gift Ideas for Husband #3 Specialist Driving Lessons

All kinds of specialist driving lessons are available, often combined with a weekeb's accommodation. Courses are available in racing car driving (on a track), rally driving, tank driving and 4 wheel drive trucks through mud that is two feet deep

Gift Ideas for Husband #4 Music Lessons

Maybe the man in your life has always wanted to play the guitar, or to sing. Book him a course of lessons with a music teacher who specializes in teaching adults

Gift Ideas for Husband #5 Sailing Lessons

Sailing lessons are available at any harbor from qualified instructors. Alternatively you could look for lessons in crewing a power-boat or paddling a kayak. The Internet makes it very easy to find exactly what you think he would like. You could combine it with a romantic weekend or longer break in a beautiful part of the country.

Gift Ideas for Husband #6 Adventure holiday

Rafting, trekking and horse riding holidays are widely available. Dare tyo book something different. Just because it's his present does not mean you cannot join in, too.

Gift Ideas for Husband #7 Cosmetic surgery

He may be self-conscious of a wart or broken nose. What a difference the life-changing gift of plastic surgery would make.

Gift Ideas for Husband #8 Spa Weekend

Spa hotels are not just for women, everyone needs and appreciates a bit of pampering. Have a spa weekend together and have treatments together.

Gift Ideas for Husband #9 Image Consultant

Image consultants give guidance on body language, speech, hairstyle and clothes choice. A series of consultations can change someone's life. Sometimes the views of a trained and independent person can cause massive changes for the better, even if you think your husband is fine as he is. His confidence will increase and dress sense change.

Gift Ideas for Husband #10 Appearance Makeover

Cosmetics for men are now widely available, but men do not have the faintest idea how to use them, so arrange make-up lessons from a professional. Make an appointment with a hairdresser rather than a barber's shop, encourage him to grow his hair beforehand though, so the hairdresser will have more to play with.

Gift Ideas for Husband #11 A Dog

A dog is for life, but, if he has always hankered after one, take him down to the dog pound and let him choose one. A dog is the perfect gift idea for your husband. These dogs will be put down if nobody takes them away and you will find some very lovable dogs down there to choose from.

Gift Ideas for Husband #12 Specially commissioned painting

Either make an appointment with a professional photographer's studio, or search for an artist, if you think he would prefer a painting to a photograph. Most artists will work from a photo, but he or she will want to take the picture and to meet your husband. That way the picture will better reflect him and his character. The photograph or painting could be of your husband, the two of you, his dog, whatever.

Gift Idea for Husband #13 Something large for the garden

Garden gift ideas are perfect for difficult husbands and last a long time. Is there something he has wanted for years, a gazebo maybe, or a greenhouse? Buy him a tree, or an orchard, even. A new shed will always go down well, or organize an electrician to put electrical power to the old one.

These are just a few gift ideas for difficult husbands. You can follow the same process and think of many more.