Purchasing gifts for soccer players and enthusiasts should be fairly easy. Soccer is a sport that is popular across the entire world, which means there are plenty of soccer related gifts out there. This guideline will go you a few gift ideas that are affordable and that soccer players and enthusiasts will love. Once you ready to to buy a gift for the soccer player or enthusiast in your life, check out stores like Finish Line and Adidas.


Soccer jerseys are great for both soccer players and enthusiasts. Most retailers that sell soccer jerseys will sell MLS jerseys and country jersey. Some soccer apparel retailers will also sell Professional Football League jerseys for teams such as FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. You can purchase plain jerseys that feature only the MLS team or country name or you can purchase MLS jerseys that feature player names on the back. Popular MLS teams include D.C. United, the Chicago Fire and the New York Red Bulls. Top selling country jerseys include France, the United States, Argentina and Brazil. When purchasing soccer jerseys, you should only purchase Adidas jerseys because they are the only maker of authentic soccer jerseys.

Match Play Balls

Match play balls are great gifts for soccer players and enthusiasts alike. Match play balls will generally be approved by the NCAA or NFHS. Popular brands of match play balls include Brine, Wilson, Champion Sports and Puma. Generally speaking, match play balls are not purchased to be played with. A match play ball will typically be at least double the price of an indoor ball or a practice ball and they are designed to be displayed. Most soccer players and enthusiasts love World Cup soccer bowls, too. You will generally be able to purchase official World Cup match balls, World Cup training balls and flag balls. Adidas is the only manufacturer of official World Cup match balls. If an authentic match play or World Cup ball is not in your budget, you can also purchase replica balls.


What soccer player or enthusiast doesn't love soccer related collectibles? Categories of collectibles that you can look into purchasing include board games, calendars, mugs, signs and watches. You can even purchase furniture for the soccer player or enthusiast in your life, such as soccer ball lamps and bean bags. Many people do not realize that companies such as All About Football make soccer board games. The weather doesn't always allow for soccer to be played outside, so you can purchase a trivia game or board game that the recipient can enjoy inside. If you are looking to buy a big ticket soccer gift, you can look into purchasing signed soccer memorabilia. Given the popularity of soccer, you should have no problem finding signed game used soccer balls and jerseys.