Show Your Appreciation to Your Teachers

Some of the most important people in your life are your teachers. There's no denying that our teachers have partly shaped us into the person we are now. Giving them a gift would be a wonderful way to show our appreciation for them.
Your relationship with your teachers may not be deep enough to know her likes and dislikes. Also, you may be struggling to find gifts that are appropriate and not too personal. Unless you are the teacher's spouse, giving lingerie or a perfume to a teacher is a no-no. If you are totally clueless about what to give to these wonderful people, here are some gift ideas for your teachers.

Gift Idea #1: Plants

for a cheerful-looking teacher's desk

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It may be fun and fulfilling to educate people and change their lives in some ways, but teaching the same things over and over again for many years is not an easy job. A repetitive job coupled with a few mischievous students can surely suck out all the energy from even the most vigorous teachers.
Aside from being a good student, you can give your teachers less headache by gifting her a nice-looking plant. These plants would not only brighten up her desk, it could also be relaxing to look at. Plants (except the sharp and thorny ones) are also said to be good for feng shui.
Bamboo plants are said to be very good for feng shui. They're very easy to maintain so they are perfect indoor plants for office. I had a bamboo plant which lasted for years. 

Gift Idea #2: Books

Teachers like to read, don't they?


Teachers are very likely to be book lovers. A teaching career needs continuous studying and reading. You can't go wrong with giving your dear teacher a book. The tricky part is what title to give him. If he's a drama teacher, a novel can be a good choice. On the other hand, a math teacher will surely make good use of a math book. If you're worried about giving your teacher a book that he already has, try giving him a book that represents your relationship with your teacher. For example, if you're a mischievous student, you can give your teacher this interesting book entitled "I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had: My Year as a Rookie Teacher at Northeast High".

Alternative: DVDs

You can also give your teacher a DVD. It's better if the film is an educational one or is related to being a teacher. I suggest the award-winning Chinese movie "Not One Less". It is about a young substitute teacher who goes out of her way to find a missing student.

Gift Idea #3: Pillow, Backrest, or Seat Cushion

for comfort and support

Your teacher will be more comfortable at her desk with a pillow. Choose a good pillow (not the ones with no enough filling) so she can hug it or lay her head on it as she snoozes at her desk during a break. A backrest or a seat cushion also makes a good gift as it will give her support while working.

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After standing in front of the class for hours, teachers also need to sit for hours to do some paperwork. You can make his work more comfortable by gifting him a cushion. This cushion can help relieve your teacher's lower back pains due to bad posture. It has a removable and washable pillow case so he can always keep it clean. If not used in office, your teacher can also use it on his travels.

Gift Idea #4: School Supplies

simple and useful gifts

School SuppliesCredit:

Your teacher may have plenty of school supplies, but they do run out fast. School supplies are simple yet useful gifts for your teachers. With these gifts, you can help your teacher save a few dollars! You can buy several inexpensive school supplies and put them in an attractive box. Your teacher can even use the box as a container!

Gift Idea #5: USB Flash Drives

for cool and techie teachers

USB Flash DriveCredit:

USB flash drives will make a very useful gift for your teachers. Choose the ones with a design that matches your teacher's age, personality, or area of expertise.

Gift Idea #6: Foot Spa

a soothing gift for teachers

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A foot spa will sooth your teacher's tired feet after hours of standing. This gift just shows how much you care for your teacher. You can also buy a scented powder to go with it.

Gift Idea #7: Tea, Coffee, or Both


Starting the day with a cup of tea/coffee is totally refreshing. Give your teacher a pack of tea or coffee to boost your teacher's energy level to the max.

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One of the challenges a teacher faces is having to speak for a long duration of time in front of a class. For this reason, it's very common for teachers to have a sore throat. Give your teacher a box of Throat Coat. This is said to be effective in soothing a sore throat. Any teacher will surely love this tea whether or not he loves the taste.

Alternative: Milk Tea

Milk tea is becoming more popular these days. Why not give your teacher a pack of this drink? There are many brands available in the market. I recommend the Hong Kong Lipton brand. Many people comment about its smoothness.

Gift Idea #8: Desk Organizers

for a clutter-free desk

Desk OrganizerCredit:

A messy desk can add stress to anyone using it. Give your teachers a desk organizer to keep his desk organized and clutter-free. With a desk organizer, your teacher can now easily find his pen, his lesson plan, or your test papers.