The behemoth that is the Twilight Saga books, movies and merchandise offers up a huge range of gift options.

The Twilight Saga of books and movies created by author Stephenie Meyer have become a huge franchise of not just media but also associated products. Licensed products include shirts, bags, jewelry, and even action figures. If you have a fan of this media movement in your life, finding them unique gifts can be challenging. Here are some ideas to make your life simpler.

Gift Ideas for the Scrapbooking Twilight Fan

Shopping for Twilight fans that also happen to scrapbook is much simpler than you might think. There are a whole assortment of Twilight scrapbook papers, embellishments, and kits available at your local craft store, or online. These products are typically themed, and not licensed products associated with the books and movies, but when put together look very realistic and theme-appropriate.

Gift Ideas for the True Twi-Hard

An entire new set of the books in a special case for safekeeping is a great choice when shopping for Twilight fans. Some might call them the “purists” who focus distinctly on the books, giving most attention to the original work of Stephenie Meyer. Another great gift idea for the Twi-Hards in your life is to come up with some keepsakes from their favorite character in the books. Whether that is something wolf-oriented for the Team Jacob fans, or something sparkly and hard for the Team Edward fans, you can personalize a gift this way and make it out of the ordinary.

Gift Ideas for the Twi-Fan Who Likes to Show the Love

Licensed shirts and sweatshirts are available from vendors like Hot Topic and Torrid. The selection at Torrid is especially helpful because it includes plus-sizes. You can also find jewelry and messenger bags. Using sites like Zazzle and Café Press you can create personalized shirts as well using quotes from the books or cute little slogans that are only familiar to Twilight fans like, “Meanwhile in a town called Spoons.”

Gift Ideas for the Subtle Twilight FanTwilight gift idea(76603)Credit: Amazon

To embrace the nature of the fan, but not scream about it, select items that have feathers or penguins. The Twilight books feature references to these two things in passing so they are good options for the fan who does not want to proclaim their love for the books out loud. Feather-based jewelry is simple to find in just about any jewelry store, and penguins are fun and cute, but do not scream “Twi-Fan.”

Gift Ideas for the Moms Who Love the Books and Movies

For the mom’s, or other Twilight fans on the go, think of getting an e-reader and the digital versions of the books. This way no matter how long soccer practice is, she has something she loves on hand to read. Another option while shopping for Twilight fans who are also moms, is to give them one of the personalized shirts catered to moms like the one with the slogan, “Yes, I’m a Mom and yes, I read Twilight.”

Gift ideas for the Twilight fan in your life are simple to come by, even if you want to make it more special than just another t-shirt. Take what you know about your gift recipient, combine it with ideas from the books and movies and you have a wonderful personalized gift that shows you really pay attention to your loved one.