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Gift Ideas for Women – Tiffany Necklace

Tiffany locks heart necklace


If you're looking for gift ideas for women, check out any Tiffany necklace and she will surely be pleased with your good taste in choosing the classic iconic premier jewelry designer of America that will delight her and all of her friends in her romantic partner! A Tiffany necklace is a great idea for women for Christmas, her birthday, Valentines Day, an anniversary, Chanukah and Mother's Day or just to say I love you. There is a wide selection of Tiffany necklaces that she can wear every day or for special occasions and while many Tiffany jewelry pieces costs thousands of dollars, there are also many that cost $200 or less keeping you on your budget.


$200 or less


Return to Tiffany Double Heart Tag Pendant Necklace

Tiffany double heart tag necklace (34944)

This sterling silver 16" necklace holds two mini charms depicting the well known logo and famous blue color. The first charm is a heart shape with the Return to Tiffany etching and the second charm is also a heart shape with the center filled in with the classic turquoise blue color in an enamel finish made popular by Tiffany and company. The 16" chain is a small bead design that many women would love and appreciate for any holiday gift. The Double heart tag pendant necklace is only $100.


Tiffany Notes I Love You Pendant

This necklace is a sterling silver small beaded chain holding the classic heart shape pendant engraved with the words I Love You. This small, delicate and very feminine necklace can be worn every day and costs only $115 and of course, arrives in the iconic Tiffany blue box as an additional keepsake.


Love and Kisses Pendant Necklace

This sterling silver necklace on a 16" open chain link design contains the universal symbols of love and kisses in a circle and X attached to each other and dangling together from the necklace. This design was created by Tiffany's renowned jeweler, Paloma Picasso and would be a lovely gift for your lady of any age. This beautiful necklace is $175 and will be money well spent when you see the surprised look on her face.


Tiffany Locks Heart Pendant Necklace

Tiffany locks heart necklace

A delightful mini heart shaped sterling silver charm with the center of the heart cut out in the shape of a keyhole. The top of this lock charm appears to look like a master lock and is where the piece dangles from a 16" fine circle link chain. This is a very feminine looking necklace for a great gift idea for women or young girls and costs $100.


Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Key Pendant Necklace

This piece features a small sterling heart with the Return to Tiffany engraved on the front. This design was first created by the famous company in 1969 as inspiration from a ring and it has become one of the most popular designs in all of the Tiffany jewelry collection. Dangling at the side of the heart charm is a skeleton key as an additional charm. This necklace and charm set costs $150 and will include the famous Tiffany blue box for gift giving as all Tiffany jewelry does.


Tiffany Eiffel Tower Charm and Chain Necklace

Tiffany Eiffel Tower Necklace

This necklace is perfect for the woman that loves all things Paris. The necklace is 16" long and offers a sterling silver mini Eiffel Tower charm for $200. * Longer chains of up to 36" are available at an additional cost.


Tiffany Necklace – Concave Cross Pendant

The symbol of religion is a sterling silver charm that gently dangles from a sterling silver beaded style chain that is a full 24" long and costs $185.00. Many women would appreciate wearing this symbolic necklace every day and it's a great idea for you to consider for a holiday or as a get well wish.


Tiffany Notes Pendant Dream a Little Dream Necklace

Tiffany dream a little dream necklace

A great gift idea for women is this heart shaped sterling silver charm with etchings that say 'dream a little dream' over and over again. What a great gift for anyone pursuing their dreams and arrives on a 16" sterling silver chain and only costs $150 – For Tiffany Jewelry! Think college graduation, medical graduation or someone starting their own business.


All of these Tiffany necklaces would be a great present for any holiday coming up such as Valentines Day, Mother's Day, her birthday, an anniversary, Chanukah or Christmas or for absolutely no reason at all and just to say I love you and am thinking of you. Tiffany jewelry will last for years and most pieces are handed down for generations as heirloom pieces. Search for these and more designs online at Tiffany and always look for the Tiffany logo to be sure your jewelry purchase is authentic.

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