The new baby has finally arrived and now you are trying to pick out the perfect gift for the new little bundle of joy. Before you head to the stores, take a minute to think about the family and what might be the most useful for everyone. While it may be fun for you to go purchase a whole bunch of newborn pink dresses, a 9 pound baby is not likely to need that many newborn clothes. Think about what baby needs. Here are some suggestions of gifts you can give a new baby.


Remember that the new baby probably already has a lot of newborn clothes, especially if there was a shower or it is not a first child . If you don't want to ask the parents which clothes they need, you may want to give clothes that the baby can use in the future. Give the new baby 9 month clothes or 12 month cloths. If the parents did not know the gender of the baby, this is a great time to give gender specific clothes – in fact it is hard to buy non-gender specific clothes.


Books are a great gift for a newborn. Choose short, colorful cardboard books that baby may be interested in sometime during the first year. Goodnight Moon or other similar books are great books for a new baby.


A newborn does not have the need for many toys. Very simple toys such as rattles are good for a new baby and may be fun by the time they are a few months old. If the baby does not have a play mat this is a toy they can use during the first few months.

Little Essentials – washcloths, bibs, etc

Often the perfect gift for a newborn baby is not the cute outfit or perfect toy, but some of the essentials that parents may not have gotten. You can never have too many washcloths, burp clothes, bibs, simple white onesies, wipes, or diapers. If the parents are using cloth diapers, a few new cloth diapers are a great gift.

Something for the parents

A gift for the parents may actually be the best gift you can give a new baby. Find a nearby restaurant and buy the parents take-out food meals for a week, or give a gift card to the local grocery store where they can easily purchase prepared foods. If you want to give a more personal touch, bring them food. Offer to do some errands, clean their house, mow their yard, or babysit their other kids.