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Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover

By Edited Nov 13, 2013 7 12

Match their taste with your budget

There is a very high likelihood that as you are reading this article, I am within arm’s reach of a fresh cup of coffee.  I love everything about coffee – the smell, the taste, the relaxed ambiance of the local coffee shop...even the “Coffeehouse” channel on my Sirius Satellite Radio. 

In 2009, 54% of American adults drank at least 1 cup each day and another 30% drink coffee on occasion.  Despite the recent economic downturn, overall coffee consumption remained relatively unchanged, and notwithstanding the latest earnings announcement from Starbucks, 83% of Americans brew their own drinks (home or office).  The average coffee lover drinks 3.1 cups of coffee each day.  This is all to say that coffee is an extremely popular pasttime in the USA and around the world. 

If you know somebody who is an avid coffee drinker and are in search of the perfect gift for that person,  you are in luck!   I have devised a small quiz to help pinpoint which Coffee Personality Type you are buying for, then you can match their specific taste with one of the gift ideas provided in Section 2.

1. To Which Coffee Personality Type are You Giving?

To answer this quiz, you need to know a few things about your coffee lover.  The total score will match to one of 3 different coffee personality types. 

1. When ordering a drink in a coffee shop, what will they order? (note: some field research may be required)
a) Decaf coffee
b) Regular or mild cup of coffee
c) Dark Roast
d) Speciality (Espress, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino or other custom drink)
2. How many cups a day does your coffee-lover drink?
a) Not daily, but a few times a week
b) 1-2/day
c) 3-5/day
d) Over 6/day
3. If buying a cup, where would your coffee-lover choose to go?
a) Donut Shop
b) Fast Food Chain (McDonalds)
c) Starbucks
d) Local Coffee Shop
4. If your coffee-lover had to go a day without coffee, it would be: 
a) alright
b) a little difficult, but they could manage
c) very difficult - they are addicted to the caffeine
d) impossible 

Scoring: a - 1 point; b - 2 points; c - 3 points; d - 4 points.  Calculate the total of the answers.  The different 3 Coffee Personality Types are:

Total Personality Description
4-8 points
Coffee Drinker (CD)
Tends to have a laid back approach to coffee.  They enjoy the drink, but it isn't the first thing that they think about when they wake up. They have many interests outside of drinking coffee, and tend to be very good looking people with many friends.
9-12 points
Coffee Lover (CL)
Your friend has both a passion and a clinical addiction to the drink.  They may appreciate trying new blends and would like to expand their knowledge on the subject.  Coffee Lovers are highly intelligent and have a very good sense of humour.  Most fitness magazine cover models are Coffee Lovers.
13-16 points
Caffeine runs throught the veins of true Coffee-aholic's.  The various parts of their day are little more than an interlude between the real passion in their life - another cup of coffee.  They don't have the self-awareness to realize that others are snickering when they order a "double shot half sweet 180 degree no foam latte", but we love them just the same.  Coffeeaholics tend to be high achievers with short attention spans.  They are also very sharp dressers and make wonderful parents.

2. Gift Ideas

Now that you have an idea for what personality type you are buying for, scan down this list of ideas until you find the perfect fit based on your budget.  This list is sorted by price (most expensive thing is last). 

 Pers Type
(Max 5)
Personalized mug
If they don't already have a favorite mug, this is a perfect gift idea because you are able to inject a little of your personality into the gift.  Think about what you appreciate most about the person you are buying for, then get creative in finding it (google image search coffee mugs if you are stuck for ideas).  They will need different mugs for home and work. I prefer an insulated non-travel mug at home and office as it keeps the drink hot for longer.
Gift card to favorite coffee house
 $5 - $100
In all likelihood, C/Lovers and C/Aholics already have a loyalty card with their preferred Coffee House that is already linked to their Visa, but in all honesty, there can never be too much of a good thing.  All Personality Types will appreciate this gift. 
Whole coffee beans
Given the overwhelming number of options (roast, flavor, caf/decaf, grind), beans can be a tricky thing.  The C/Drinker will probably appreciate this a little more than the C/Lover.  C/Addicts have their own complicated routine that you will probably never understand, so don't even bother trying to buy them beans.
Chocolate covered coffee beans
This is a great alternative to drinking a cup.  They come in a variety of coatings and pack all the caffeine punch of a normal cup. 
Coffee Bean Plant
Your local nursary may have coffee plants in stock.  A new plant will take 4 years before it starts bearing fruit (or you can order it as a mature plant from Coffe Bean Tree Seeds.com).  I have been considering getting one of these for my office as a discussion piece. 
Coffee warmer
I list this as a caution to NOT buy one for anybody on your list.  I bought one of these thinking that it would keep my brew nice and warm, then realized very quickly that it did little more than burn the drink.  Only buy this as a gift for people you don't really like.
$15 for 18 cups
This is only a good idea if they already have a Keurig brewing system.  You are able to buy individual serving sizes in a number of flavors from roasters such as Starbucks, Green Mountain and  
Coffee Books
Do you remember that Seinfeld episode where Kramer created a coffee table book about coffee tables?  There are a number of interesting recipe books out there for coffee drinkers, however I think the potential market for this is fairly small.  My wife once bought me a guide to local Coffee Houses, which I loved but that was 20 years ago (prior to the proliferation of Starbucks on every street corner). 
Coffee Grinder
I have had a number of grinders and always found them more hastle than they are worth.  I like coffee because it relaxes me, but with a grinder, it not only wakes up the kids on the weekends but also adds the extra steps of grinding AND cleaning.  But if you are buying for a C/Addict who likes to brew their own espresso, then this is an affordable gift that they would appreciate. 
French Press
 I love my French Press.  It takes a few cups to figure out the variables (grounds, water and time), but the taste is so pure.  This is a fantastic gift for somebody who likes a full bodied (aka bold or dark) roast.  The manufacturer of my Press is Bodum.  The only downside is cleaning, but most units are dishwasher safe.  Don't buy anything larger than 4 cups as the French Press is intended for small batches.
Insulated travel mug
Perfect for the commuter.  I have a stainless steel commuter mug that looks great and is dishwasher safe.  If you decide to buy a commuter mug, on behalf of Mother Nature, I thank you.  Disposable coffee cups are needlessly taking up space of our landfills on account of people being too lazy to bring a cup from home.  Am I ranting?...
 Vacuum Coffee Saver
The VacuVin Vacuum Coffee Saver Storage Jar Set w Pump is a similar concept to their line of wine storage products.  Removing the air from your storage jar will help your ground beans keep their flavour longer. 
Baileys Irish Whiskey
This is a great alternative for the after dinner cup - it can be turned into an Irish Whisky by adding some Baileys. 
Gift Basket
I limit the audience for this one to C/Drinkers as they would appreciate the variety that can come with a gift basket.   
Coffee of the Month Club Membership
If you are looking for variety, then perhaps a Coffee-of-the-Month membership is in order.   Several options exist, but I prefer the version from Amazing Clubs.  You can subscribe for between 1 to 12 months and they will send 2 pounds of the best coffees from around the world every month.  I particularly like this idea because it is the "gift that keeps on giving" every month.
Blue Moon Pottery Coffee Roaster and green beans
As a novelty, I would like to try this.  It is a special ceramic plate that allows you to roast green coffee beans in your oven and is available from FindGiftOnline.com (check the bibilography under this article for the link).  I don't see roasting every cup I brew, but I think it is a neat idea.
Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker 
Keurig has become the new gold standard in home brewing.  I got my unit last year and am saving a fortune from Starbucks.  This system allows the user to brew a single cup at a time using their K-Cup system.  This unit is quick to warm up and has the advantage over older brewing systems in that it does not brew coffee that is not immediately drank.  The size of the water chamber determines the price, but the quality is identical across all models.
Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
Just as cavier has beluga and champagne has Dom Pérignon, coffee also has a luxury brand in the form of Jamacian Blue.  This is allegedly the freshest cup on the planet.  To the true coffee Connoisseur, this is a very unique and cool gift.
Espresso maker
 Delonghi and Tassimo are the 2 most popular brands.  I shy away from the machines as they tend to be overly complicated and difficult to clean.  I see this option as the coffee equivalent of a home stair climber - expensive and rarely used after the first week.  If I really wanted a latte, there is a Coffee House nearby.

I would really like to hear whether this helped you to find a gift that you may have not otherwise considered.  And for the other Coffee Lovers out there, if I have forgotten something that you really enjoy, please use the comments box below to let me know about it.

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Aug 13, 2012 11:13am
I am a huge coffee fiend and would love any kind of caffinated gift!
Aug 13, 2012 11:34am
I am a coffee lover and drink a pot a day or around that. But even if I wasn't I would have greatly appreciated the hard work you put into the above article. Your just a darn good read so five stars for you!
Aug 13, 2012 12:19pm
Thanks for your nice comments. I am totally fuelled by caffeine and did this article as a bit of a wish list for my next birthday present!
Aug 14, 2012 6:33am
What a great article with lots of info you put together.
I am a European and "Coffee is my middle name"

I love your gift ideas. One day I'm going to treat myself with a fabulous Espresso Maker :)

Aug 14, 2012 8:26am
I'm new to IB (preparing my first article now) and am close to being a coffee addict. Your fine article gave me some ideas and I thank you for that.

Aug 14, 2012 8:56am
That is awesome! Welcome to InfoBarrel. I am really enjoying how wide open the format is here. I have set up blogs in the past but find I get tired of repetition in content, whereas here I am able to write about coffee one day and something completely different the next.
Aug 14, 2012 2:42pm
My mom will like these gifts
Aug 15, 2012 1:38am
And I also wanted them to ..
Aug 15, 2012 5:51pm
I love coffee but based on the score I got, I belong to the first group. Coffee lover but not an addict yet. :)
Aug 15, 2012 8:01pm
I was just taking a sip of my venti quad mocha when I read your note and I just about laughed coffee all over my screen! The test is not...shall we say...scientific. Thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoyed the article.
Aug 15, 2012 8:10pm
No problem. I loved how you presented the test. It something new.
Oct 6, 2012 11:36pm
Ryan,Great article.However I live in a country that grows and produces the best coffee with the best aroma in the world.But funny enough, the elite are the only coffee lovers.The rural folks grow and market coffee only to get money.They are not "Lovers" in drinking coffee.
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