The saying "It is the thought that counts", has gone by the wayside with some extravagant thoughts put around our gifts. I am going to get back to basics and will share those ideas with you just in case you think similar to me.

For some reason, wrapping paper has been an annoyance to me. I have seen numerous packages wrapped so precisely, bows adorned on top or side, then ribbon all around the present. For the moment of presentation, those things are seen and momentarily enjoyed. Then almost immediately, the outer expensive paper is torn off and thrown away or burned. I used to save wrapping paper, when my children were young, however as they aged, I no longer reused those lovely coverings. Certainly, it would be known by the receiver, if I rewrapped a gift using already used wrapping paper so therefore did not use that for other than my children. Ribbon is such a costly item, people are sometimes resorting to using it briefly and not tying it all around the package anymore. If a person is crafty enough they make their own bows, otherwise it is sometimes replaced with the card or gift paper instead of the expensive bows. At times I have been told the wrappings were coming pretty close to the price of the gift itself, which I can fully imagine. Just looking at greeting cards, some will range in the dollars and not just cents anymore.

OK, so you have read this far and you might possibility agree since you met me here. My ideas might be unique until you try them once or twice and see how great you and the receiver feel when they take that gift from your hands. It will be better for the planet, since trees will not be cut down to supply you with wrapping paper choosing one of my wrappings. Women seem to be able to use a lovely sheer scarf for an accessory to an outfit. Choose a full rectangular shape or square one for the total wrapping paper and bow. I have seen them for a $2 bill lately, so someone might have stolen my idea by showcasing that item for such a great price. Now, I know your special person might be able to see the present through the pretty scarf, but is that a problem? If it truly is, put your item behind your back until it is offered. I am not just joking about that since it is the thought that counts, right? For many years, that lady will enjoy the scarf and you will be more content with that wrapping than you ever imagined. I can almost promise you that feeling.

If a man is receiving a gift from you, they don't seem to mind if you dress up their gift as well. A chamois cloth for their wheels will be a welcomed sight around their present even if it is only on the top of the box containing their gift. For some decoration on that present, you can think of something that they want, can use or you think they would like. I put a $5 bill pinched with a twist tie, in the middle, like a bow tie and the guy loved it. Who couldn't use a $5 bill?

Children are so easy to please. That is unless they have so much, nothing will wow them. Every holiday, my three children got to open one gift on Christmas Eve. They agreed, of course to allow me to pick the one they were going to open. It was their Christmas pajamas, every time. They got to really look forward to having new night wear to go to bed and looked great for pictures the next morning too. In later years, I wrapped their one gift with the pajamas. They knew they would be getting the pajamas, but now they got another present to open also. A gift that you will be giving your child or someone elses, can be wrapped with some clothing.

Your neighbor will sometimes be almost like family, prompting you to want to give a gift to them for the holiday. Whether they are Christian or Jewish, they can use a new kitchen towel. Use that towel to wrap some or part of their gift. I bought some of the cutest little potato chip clips and wrapped them in a kitchen towel and my neighbor is still talking about that years later.

Spending so much on the wrapping paper, ribbons and bows can now be spent on the gift or buying for someone who does not expect a gift from you. Oh , that is an entirely new topic. Have some fun for the holidays, no matter which ones you celebrate. Keep the spirit of those holidays green and save the environment every chance you can throughout the year as well. Merry, what ever holiday you have coming up in your life. Enjoy!