Don't you just hate it when some things are just so predictable? When something is so predictable and you have to pretend to be surprised, that can be really annoying. Oh! What a surprise, I wasn't expecting that. That is what you say every year because you know what is coming. On father's day, how many times have you received the same gifts and still have to pretend to be grateful? You are grateful that someone was actually thinking of you. Thank goodness someone set aside a day in the year to remember you. Your children might actually forget you exist. I wonder how many fathers out there have received a tie or a shirt as a gift. It seems like when it comes to men, children tend to lack ideas. It will actually be nice to receive what you really want. The problem with setting aside a day for given is that it loses it spontaneity. The fact that it is not spontaneous also makes the gift boring and predictable.

This brings us to the point of setting aside a day to give. Father's day and mother's day don't actually make sense. If you want to give, there is nothing stopping you from giving to your parents all year round. The fact that a day has been set aside builds up expectations. Often the expectations turn into anticlimax. I am sure most parents will be thinking, you had a whole year to come with something interesting and all you could do is this? Well, thanks anyway! I guess now that you are here we have to cook for you and pretend everything is ok. That sounds terrible but it is not far from the truth. I don't think children forget about their parents. It is just the type of society that we have created. We have allotted time to everything. It becomes an obligation to give. That obligation takes away the joy of giving and receiving. An element of giving is the surprise effect. When it is a surprise you are just appreciative of the gesture. When it is expected and an obligation, your mind does tricks with you and later you end up being disappointed.

Some children have just decided to make it clear to their parents that they will not be respecting the Father's day or Mother's day tradition. They would rather give whenever they feel like it. The good thing about it is that everyone feels at ease and not pressured to do things just because you have to. I am sure who ever invented Mother's day and father's day must have a business selling products. Why can't mother's day and father's day be about visiting and doing things together? Why does it have to be all about gifts? There are many parents out there who would rather want their children visit more often than just receive yearly gifts. Some will love to see their grand children on a regular basis than just receiving pictures. There is more to honoring one's parents than giving. Gifts are not bad, but the spirit behind mother's day and father's day is wrong. It is devoid of love and affection. I has become commercial and anything that has gone down that road is not good.

Gifts people gave on father's day



Sucks Socks

More Ties (different color to go with the shirt from last year)

Drill machine (you need more holes on your walls)

Garden Tool (if you don't get the hint)

There is only so much DIY you could do at home. Why is it that men tend to get things that has to do with the house. A ticket for a round the world trip will be nice (all expenses paid). Men don't always like practical things. You could change and give them something that is actually fun. Why not get him a sport car? That is expensive and doesn't fit into your budget. So what fits into your budget? A tie? He already has loads of those. A shirt? He actually prefers to wear t-shirt. He has been wearing the same t-shirt for years and is quite content with it. Have you noticed how men have favorite shirts or t-shirts? It could have holes, faded colors etc, it wouldn't matter. That is the way men are.

Perfumes: Just because it says "for men" doesn't mean you have to give it to your father. Some men like the natural smell. It doesn't matter if it is what the stars put on them. If your father is not into perfume and smelling good, it will be a waste of money. He might hide it and only bring it out on your yearly visit. You will be surprise that the bottle is till almost full. Oh! You brought him another one. He will just keep them where he kept the ones he received from the previous years. This highlights the problem with giving because you have to give on a particular occasion. You spend your hard earn cash on a gift nobody wants. Who are the winners in this? The winners are those who make their money from selling gifts for father's day.

Watches: Have you noticed how some people never wear watches and they are still able to tell the time? Why do you think that your father needs a watch, when he has never bothered to wear one all his life? If your father is retired, he is probably not going anywhere. He will boast to others about the Rolex you bought but he will never wear it. He might also be afraid that people might think he is rich. So he puts the watch in his pocket and only takes a peek from time to time.

So you might be wondering, what you should buy for your fathers. He might be happy if you don't' bother buying him something he does want or need.

The above cannot be said about women. Mothers and women in general love gifts. It doesn't matter if it is a useless gift, it is still a welcome addition to all that she has received and accumulated over the years. Furthermore, women or your mother might actually tell you what she wants so you don't get it wrong the next year.