Each year, millions, and even billions, of people in more than 30 countries celebrate Father’s Day. Yet, even with this large group of people to consult, we can never seem to find the perfect gift for the Dad in our family. This article details several of the best and most popular gifts for Father’s day.

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A Grill or Cooking Supplies

        Does your dad like to cook? Cooking supplies can be the perfect present for a dad who does. Many fathers don’t mind grilling up a few steaks every now and then, and many even enjoy it. If your dad likes to go beyond grilling and into the kitchen, he may also fancy something as expensive as a new stove or as simple as an omelet pan. Generally, dad’s, and even you (less cooking!), will enjoy this category of gifts.

An Unforgettable Experience (Skydiving, etc.)

       Why give your dad something that will become old and useless in a few years? Give him something that he will remember forever. But what exactly is it that makes an experience “unforgettable?” An unforgettable experience is something that you do on extremely rare occasions, or more preferably have never done. These might include skydiving, racing a “Nascar” car on a racetrack, riding in a helicopter, or even a vacation. You can always look back on this moment fondly saying, “Remember that time when…” If you live with the dad in your family, it is best to choose something that the whole family, or you and he can do. Dads love their families, and want to be with them on Father’s day, not away (even if it something totally awesome).

Sporting Equipment

        Dads love to play sports, and are usually in need of new something, whether it be golf clubs, tennis rackets, or basketballs. Your gift will help improve his “game” and also create a common family interest for you to spend time together doing.


        If your Dad is more of a “knowledge guy” than a “sports” guy, books can be the perfect gift. The best thing about gifting a book is that books are extremely diverse. You could get him a book regarding anything from “a magical warlock who saved the earth” to the production process of milk. When choosing a book, you need to keep the recipients interests in mind. Know what your dad is interested in, and get him a book in that area of interest. When gifting fantasy books, you could go off of your own experiences and choose books that you liked.

Music Supplies

        Many dads are interested in music, and even take pride in having quality speakers for their home, car, or themselves. The best brand of speakers is “Bose.” These speakers are the best in the business, but it will cost you.

A Personal Gift

        Often, the best thing to do is to give your father a personal gift. No, I do not mean personalized (though it could be). This could be anything such as a card, or a hand drawn picture (if you’re a kid). Often, fathers only want to be with and love their family, and this is a good way to return that love. Personal gifts are often paired with other gifts such as the ones mentioned above. In my opinion, this gift type is the best. It shows the father in your family how much you care. He sees that you took time out of your day to create something that is unique and special. You put thought into this gift. You did not simply run to Wal-Mart down the street and grab a basketball off the shelf.

        Regardless, when choosing a gift for the father in your family, the most important thing is his interests. Would you ever want something that you wouldn’t use? The answer for everyone there is a big, fat NO. The same applies for other people. Your dad likes tennis? Get him a new tennis racket. Oh, he likes to cook? Get him a grill.

I hope that this article helped you choose a good gift for your father on Father’s day, and best of luck picking it.