gifts for 50th birthday

Is there someone you know who is turning 50 this year, and you just don't know what to get? Gifts for the 50th Birthday can be difficult. There is always the stores full of gag gifts, about "over the hill" and "arthritis" etc.. but those are easy to get. You can run into most card stores now and find cards on a 50th birthday, and all kinds of gag gifts for 50th birthday.

But what if you want to do something more meaningful. Something that you are not going to run into the local joke shop for. Then this page is for you. This will take some time to gather, so don't be trying to do this the night before. But this is meaningful, and I bet you will find other guests at the party having a good look at this 50th birthday gift.

Gifts for 50th birthday that are gag like or jokes, will end up at the back of the closet, but this one will be treasured.

Gifts for 50th Birthday that will be Treasured

To begin with, contact the family or if you have access to photo albums even better. Try and find a nice baby picture, and then one maybe when they turned 16 and got their drivers license. Usually there are pictures for milestones in someone's life. If there is nothing for 16, then try 18 or 21. Or if your gift recipient is a sports fan and played sports find some pictures at different ages. Find pictures with the years on them so you know the date.

Now scan this photographs in your computer, or get color copies, and also enlarged enough to be a great picture on a title page.

Now get on the internet and find out what was in the newspapers the day they were born. What was their horoscope for that actual birth date? What was the latest fashions? What was playing at the theatre? Gifts for 50th birthday should reflect the personality of the birthday person. So, pick something from the day they were born that reflects who they are now. If they love fashion, then get a copy of the fashions in the newspaper the day they were born etc. You can usually print off a copy of the paper.

You can also check at the library if you do not have the internet, they keep copies of newspapers on file, for you to look through on their equipment.

Now for the next milestone, do something similar. If it was the day they got their drivers license, then find out what cars were popular back then, and print off some of those. What was the band? What music was hitting the charts? What did a burger cost? What fun things were happening for teens then?

Do this for a few milestones. You don't want to do too many or it gets too thick, but just a glimpse into the times during these special days.

Then print it off into a smart looking booklet. You could even get the pages plastic coated at the copy store. These make fun gifts for 50th birthdays, and show that you put some time and thought into it.

Gifts for the 50th birthday, can be fun to make. Not only can you have fun making and researching for a few great pages of memory, you can get a feel for what it was like for them growing up. If you are creative, you can make a collage of this information you found as well. Or basically have a copy of their picture and a few bits and pieces from the paper printed on the same page. Between your computer, printer or the copy shop, you should be able to come up with a great timeline gift for them!

There are many great ideas out there, but gifts for the 50th birthday should be special. If you are electronically minded, then why not find out what the top ten songs were in the year your birthday person turned 18? Maybe as they were heading off to college or university? See if you can make a CD from these songs personalized just for them.

This is truly personalized and a great gift for a 50th birthday present. Can you imagine the memories that your birthday person will have while playing this CD?.

Once again if you are electronically minded, you could get a few more pictures of them growing up and create a slide show for all to see at the party, and for them to keep afterwards on a CD. Many people do this at weddings now of the bride and groom as they were growing up. You could do this to, but have the various era's of music playing while watching the slide show.

Gifts for the 50th birthday, do not need to take a lot of money. Your birthday person, will be overwhelmed with just how much thought and work you put into this project. You didn't just run out and buy the latest in gag gifts for 50th birthday, and the card about losing your hair, or being over the hill, or losing your teeth!.

To find out about their other birthdays or special milestones in their life, and put it on paper will be a great gift for them to treasure. Depending on how close this person is to you, will depend on how personal you get with the pictures etc. But you can do research on the internet or in the library fairly quickly. You know your birthday person. Pick the things they like now, and find out what they were like during those special years. It can be fun to see what a pair of nylons cost back then, or gas for the car, or movie tickets!

They may get a good laugh at the platform shoes, or the mood rings etc! This will be fun gifts for 50th birthday rather than gags, and will be a special gift to remember. You can also do this for going away gifts. If you have many pictures of your special person from special occasions or work picnics, then these would make great gifts as well.

Use the internet for some research and create a gift for 50th birthday they won't soon forget.