With their furry fur, their cute faces and their soft paw, there is something so lovable about kittens.  There are so many great features about this animal, no wonder why cat lovers like this type of pet so much.  What is not to love about this cute and adorable species.

One of the best gifts for cat lovers is a sign that says "cat lovers court".  The sign can be hung on an apartment door, on a garage door, at the end of a driveway or somewhere in the house.  The sign is sure to catch the attention of anyone who steps foot inside the house.  The thick plastic sign will be able to withstand cold temperatures and strong windy weather even when places outside.

Whether it is a mug that says "cat lover" or "crazy cat lady" cup, what better way to wake up in the morning to drink your morning coffee or a glass of orange juice.  Seeing this saying on the side of your mug will just make any pet fan smile and start the day up great.

A scarf with a cat print on it is a great gift for those who just love cats.  Getting this gift for someone will have them thinking about their pet all day, even when they aren't with them.  What a better way to appreciate your kitty.  The black background of the scarf pretty much matches with everything.

You have heard of the ugly Christmas sweater contest, right?  What is even better than that, is the ugliest cat sweater.  Okay, so all the cat sweaters may not be ugly on everyone.  Or maybe it is only a matter of personal opinion.  These sweaters could make a great gift for cat lovers.  Wearing their favorite pet on them all day will remind them of their great companion.

Kitty condos make great gifts for the owner.  Some may say that this gift is for the pet, but really it is helpful for the pet owner as well.  The cat can relax in the kitty condo without bugging their owner for attention while they are trying to get something done on the computer.  This is a great piece of furniture that looks terrific in the corner of any room in the house.