Running Gifts For Men And Women

You're looking to buy a great gift for someone, and you know that they enjoy running.  Even if you have absolutely no interest in running yourself, you can still delight them with a unique, useful, and even fun running gift.  Gifts for runners are not that difficult to find, and you have a lot of choices that aren't too expensive.  With a little looking around you can find lots of quality items online, many at a discount.

Here are some gift ideas for runners that will give you a good starting point for your search.


Runners tend to be type A personalities who will tackle problems straight on, whether it's a business problem or a large hill to climb.  To do so they love getting all the information available they can utilize in their problem solving quest, which means books can be a great gift.  A good running book is always appreciated.

Running a MarathonCredit: HomeawayThere are thousands of running books on the market.  Some of the most popular are training manuals full of tips and advice about improving fitness and running form to the runner's maximum ability. Consider buying books geared toward improving race times, training for a marathon, or ones for segments of the market (like women runners). 

Running magazines like Runner's World are also just as fun to read, and a gift subscription is not too expensive.  They make great toilet reading and motivate you to get off the seat and move!

Running Gear

Running is a simple sport.. until you factor in the watch, the cold weather clothes, the energy foods, water pouches, and on and on.  Really there's no such thing as having too much gear to go around, and an addition to your friend's running equipment makes an excellent gift.

Some great ideas for gifting some running gear:

  • Training items like sunglasses, energy gels, performance socks, or reflective gear for safety.
  • An ID bracelet is a thoughtful gift, since it provides invaluable information in case of emergency.  
  • There are also running belts and special pouches for carrying keys and extra water while running.  
  • A really nice watch is a great gift- especially an advanced one that has GPS like the Garmin Forerunner 210.

Really the possibilities are wide open, and even a small, economical gift will be appreciated, since runners don't always prioritize gearing up as much as they'd like!

Home Therapy and Recovery

Lately some great products have come out to help with running fitness after the run is over.  Runner's bodies need time and therapy to recover fully from the strain they put on all their muscles and joints.  Without hot tubs and masseuses in everyone's house, there are some great products to help out on a tighter budget.

Take the Strassburg sock for instance.  It's a foot brace worn at night that helps cure plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.  If your runner friend complains of foot and Achilles pain, this is the gift for them!

Or the highly recommended TriggerPoint Grid roller- this foam covered cylinder will roll out all the muscles in the legs and back, giving your friend a massage at home as close as there is to professional treatment.  They won't be able to thank you enough!


Everyone appreciates your time.  Consider giving your running friend something free of charge: time out of your own day.  If you suggest to your friend you'd like to go for a run together, they will love it!  Running buddies are lifelong buddies.  Both of you will win on this one.

Good luck finding a gift for a runner.  It won't be hard to find lots of fun options.