Do you stress when it is time to come up with gifts for the car fanatic? Every year, you buy that same bucket of auto wash and sponges, and you just don't know what else to get them.

Well this year, try something a little different. With a little bit of research on the automobile your car lover has, you can find some great gifts for them. Below are some great ideas to get you started.

Auto Parts Store

One great gift for them, is a gift certificate to their favorite auto parts store. You just need to research where they go for their parts and goodies for their special toys, and then get a gift certificate for that particular store. They will love you for this!  They will want to go shopping right away.

Auto Detailing

Although most auto lovers detail their car themselves, it might be a treat to offer a detailing gift certificate for them. Rather than you offering to clean the car, this way it is getting done professionally, and they will appreciate that these detailers will get right into those tiny vents and give it a great clean. This would also make a great gift for them.

Magazine Subscription

There are so many magazines on the market now. Research the make and model of the automobile they have, and see if you can find a magazine subscription for that particular one. They will look forward to these magazine showing up in the mail. This is the gift that keeps on giving all year! Great gift idea.

Car Cover

If they don't already have one, you can research the make and model of car they own, and order from the auto parts supply or online a good fitting cover. This is something they may never have bought themselves and resort to tarps. This works well for the them as a present and you can also get universal fitting covers to so they will fit most makes and models.  This way they can keep dust off their baby.

Gifts for the Car FanaticCredit:


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a cover makes a great present idea.

New Floor Mats

Get the good quality ones, that are designed for that model. This is a great present. Good quality, and well fitting mats will keep it clean, and they will appreciate this present.  You can get them with sayings on them and the logo of the make or model.

Auto Junk Yard

If your car lover is into rebuilding their cars right now, then they are always going to be needing parts. If it is an older one, then some auto junk yards are able to get the parts they need. You can get gift certificates to their favorite junk yard. It will be a great shopping day for the fanatic! They will love this gift idea.

Car Calendar

Take some great pictures of your auto lover with their baby. Take at least 12 different views and poses. Then go to the printer and have this made into a calendar. You can do this online as well. What gear head is not going to love changing the month and seeing a new view of their "baby".

Hopefully the above, give you some great ideas of gifts for the car fanatic. So, instead of getting that bucket kit of soap and whatever.. Take some interest and find something a bit more useful, that shows some thought, and your gear head will be a very happy car lover!  There are other great tips on helping them with their hobby such as removing window tint or getting rid of mice from their park babies!