For a new mother and baby; the trauma of birth can equal the whirlwind of hospital visits, entertaining grandparents, aunties, uncles and the cousin that you last saw in a dirty diaper. Along with the inevitable hospital visits comes a whole range of presents that are very pretty but serve no purpose; the New Baby balloons that take a month to deflate, the grapes and bottles of squash.

Buying something for mummy or baby that is useful, enjoyable or truly appreciated will last a lifetime either in presence or memory. So here is my list of some gifts that we were blessed to receive and might help you too:

New Baby Gifts for Mummy 

  • Chocolate Gift HamperCredit: Gift Hamper : Nothing says indulgence like chocolate and a chocolate gift is a perfect way to tell a new mother to enjoy it. Some pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes and might have been banned from chocolate for months!
  • Scented Candles : There is nothing more soothing than getting home, sticking the bath on having a long soak. Some relaxing scented candles or even bath liquids or scents will help. For those of you in the UK I could thoroughly recommend heading to a store called Lush! who offer some excellent bath and shower items.
  • A Gift Card : Not every new parent tells their friends what they have already bought. Sometimes it is just nice to get a voucher for their favourite department store to go and buy something new for their post-baby body.
  • A1CS FUSION5 Play StoreA Tablet PC : Mummy is going to be running around and keeping baby occupied either by walking around town, down the SureStart Children's Centre or even just wandering around the house. Let her grab a few moments time anywhere (even on the toilet) with a budget tablet computer like the sub-£200 A1CS FUSION5 I reviewed recently.

New Baby Gifts for Baby

  • A Doll or Teddy Bear : A keepsake for the baby is always going to be welcomed. A doll or teddy bear could be something soft and cuddly that a child takes through their growing years or something more delicate like a porcelain doll that a child will remember and appreciate in the future.
  • A Keepsake Box : Quite often parents will not think of a keepsake box until a baby is born; but they become important as a baby grows and that first locket of hair is cut or first tooth falls out.
  • Avent Glow in the Dark DummiesCredit: Essentials : Small practical gifts like a baby bath thermometer, bottle warmer or flamboyant dummy (or pacifier) are inexpensive and appreciated. For something slightly different, AVENT now do glow in the dark dummies; something that might make parents jump if you "accidentally" forget to tell them.

New Baby Gifts that are Something Different

  • A Plant Gift : If you are giving a gift to parents that are horticultural; why not consider a baby tree? Bonsai trees are popular in oriental culture but are readily available in the western world; either pre-grown or for you to grow from a seed. 
  • A Baby Bouncer : Parents might have already bought a baby bouncer for the house, but what about if a baby's grandparents are going to be babysitting during the working day? A family can possibly never have enough bouncers and I already recommend the Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Bouncer.
  • A Bottle of Champagne : Technically a bottle of champagne can not be purchased for a minor, but buying a personalised bottle of champagne for the parents to celebrate a birth can take pride of place on a mantlepiece for many years. It could stay there forever, or be the first legal drink of a childs coming of age (18 in UK, varies in the US).
  • A Tuxedo Baby Grow : For that handsome baby boy.... I know.... Just don't go there.

These are just a few ideas for your new mother and baby, whether you are a smitten new daddy, the gorgeous great granny, or just a friend looking to celebrate a new life coming into the world. Leave your gifts for a new mother and baby below as well!