Whether it is for Christmas or Birthdays or for any special event, a gift can be a thoughtful gesture. But what do you get? Are you stumped? Is your limit 50 dollars or less?

DVD or a Gift Certificate for DVDs on Amazon.

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These are always a welcomed gift.  You can get some awesome deals online as above.

Gift ideas under 50 dollars, can be fun. If you really know the person and their likes and dislikes, then this should not be too hard. But maybe you just want something a little different this time? Here are some great gift ideas under 50 dollars that you might like, or will at least kick start your imagination for other gift ideas.

Ebook - Download and then Print for a Gift

 If your gift recipient likes to read or learn new things, have you ever thought about purchasing a ebook from clickbank for example and then downloading it on your computer then transferring it to a CD and taking it to the local print shop. You then get your ebook printed and you can get them to put it in a nice cover or create your own cover.

You could get instructions for everything from crafts to investing, all in a ebook. You just have to put in a keyword in the search box, and you should find something that your friend or loved one would like.

Themed Gift Baskets or Containers such as a Coffee Basket

Try a Coffee Lover Gift Basket

You can start with a theme for your gift under 50 dollars. You could for example, choose "Italian" especially if your gift recipient loves to cook. You could purchase a colander for the basket, and then fill it with pasta, specialty sauces, garlic press, or special cheeses and cheese grater. What ever ads up to your maximum, and then purchase a tea towel from the dollar store and wrap the gift in the tea towel. This way all your budget goes to the gift, and not so much wasted on baskets and wrapping. This is a great way to get gifts for 50 dollars or less.

Always try and create a useful container for the "basket" part. As most people don't tend to use the baskets and they end up in the reuse center. If you really want to use a basket, then head to the reuse center!

You Can Get Quality Digital Frames Under 50 Dollars

Digital Frame

 You can get a decent sized digital frame, and then load all your special pictures you think they would like onto a digital stick and place this in your digital frame. If you really want to make the pictures special, you could find old photo albums of your friend or loved one and scan them into your computer and then onto the stick. This is a great useful gift under 50 dollars.

This Makes a Great Gift for a Car Owner

Emergency Kit for the Car

 You never know when you will need battery cables or a flashlight, but you can purchase ready made emergency kits from your local hardware store, but you can also create your own, based on what you think would be important to your friend or loved one. People don't think to buy these for themselves, but I can tell you, in bad weather, these kits can come in handy, they even have a reflective heating blanket. You can get a good full one for 50 dollars or less.

Gifts Under 50 Dollars - Personal Items

 Depending on how well you know this person, you could purchase them a collection of personal items, such as a line of cosmetics they like or shampoos and soaps they use all the time, or if they are planning to travel soon, you could get them a toiletry bag with lots of compartments, and fill some of the compartments with miniature bottles of the products they like.

Cozy Robe

 No one can resist a cozy robe or pajamas, you can get these for under 50 dollars.

Movie Night

 This is a great idea for a gift that includes you hanging out with your loved one or friend. It will include some movies (rentals) gourmet pizza (frozen from the gourmet section of the grocery store) and a nice bottle of wine. This makes a great gift for a fun and/or special night. You could make this gift out as a printed gift certificate and get your recipient to mark a date on the calendar.

Hopefully the above ideas help get you started in your search for gifts under 50 dollars. If you are creative you can do well with a 50 dollar budget.