As one of the most enjoyed beverages in the world, beer-themed gifts are great gifts for boyfriends or significant others. The possibilities for beer-themed gifts stretch beyond Coors-themed apparel or Budweiser frogs. Thousands of brews of beers are produced by local microbreweries around the country and there are plenty of gift ideas to help the beer enthusiast in your life enjoy their brews.

An ideal gift would be a trip to a local microbrewery. Google the name of your city and "microbrewery" to find local beer makers. Most breweries are willing to do small tours with taste-tasting of their lastest concoction. However if there aren't any participating microbreweries in your area or if you're looking for a physical gift, try some of the suggestions in this article.


There are dozens of great suggestions for books for the beer enthusiast. Below are two of my favorites in my collection.

Tasting Beer: An Insider's Guide to the World's Greatest Drinkby Randy Mosher

Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher

In 247 pages, Tasting Beer includes everything from the history of beer to a guide to tasting the subtle flavors of a beer and recommendations on food-beer pairings in a wonderfully layout format. There's something in this volume for everyone from the microbrew newbie to the beer connoisseur snob.

Beer School: Bottling Success at the Brooklyn Brewery by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter

Beer School by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter

Beer School covers the rise of one of New York City's most successful breweries, Brooklyn Brewery. This is a great gift for a homebrewer or a beer-drinking entrepreneur. The authors offer a compelling story of how this microbrew became a successful business.


Spiegelau Beer Classics Beer Connoisseur Gift Set

Did you know that the glass you pour your beer in can affect its taste? The shape of the glass affects how the head of the beer is formed, the color of the brew and just makes you classier while drinking your favorite brew.

Gift Sets

And finally, there is always the gift of beer itself. Vendors like BevMo sell beer gifts around a variety of different beers around the holiday season. If you're looking for a gift for Christmas or a winter birthday, this may be a great option to introduce your friend to some new brews.