Give Gifts for Charity Each Month


Share your Christmas spirit all year long by giving gifts for charity each month. During the Christmas Season, everyone is in the giving, sharing mood, and they are very generous with their contributions. I would like to suggest that, in addition to what you share at the Holidays, you set up a time each month to give gifts for charity. Remember the people who need help - the ones who need food for their families, clothes to keep warm, and shelter from the cold. Give gifts for charity, and share your blessings with those who need help.


Last year, my family decided to carry the Christmas spirit into the New Year, and give gifts for charity, each month, as a way of saying thank you for all that we have, and to help those who have less. These gifts for charity are in addition to what we normally give to our favorite charities.


The plan we came up with was to give gifts for charity each month to honor our family members. With economic times the way they are, we decided our gifts for charity should be focused mainly on helping to provide food and necessities for families in our community. Our church has a room set aside as a food pantry. It is located near a door, and anyone can come and go without having to encounter the church staff. So, no one needs to feel embarrassed because they need to get some food from the pantry. Members of the church generously provide staples for the shelves, and in the summer, when gardens are plentiful, there is a place for sharing fresh vegetables.


Some months, we honored the memory of our deceased parents by shopping for food and donating it to help those who need help. Other times, food and necessities were purchased and donated to celebrate our birthdays. Or, money donations were made to favorite charities.


January - We gave food to our church food pantry in memory of my mother-in-law, for her birthday.

February - We did the same thing in memory of my father, for his birthday.

March - To celebrate the arrival of spring, we cleared more space for our vegetable garden, and we purchased extra plants so we could share our produce with those who could use the fresh vegetables.

April - We made monetary gifts for charity to our local Food Bank.

May - We made monetary gifts for charity to the Disabled American Veterans in honor of Memorial Day.

June - For my birthday, we again chose to help by donating to the church pantry.

July - For my father-in-law’s birthday, we donated to the church pantry in his memory.

August - We shared fresh vegetables, and we donated personal care items to the church pantry.

September - For my mother’s birthday, and we donated school supplies in her memory.

October - We celebrated our daughter’s birthday by donating to the American Lung Association, since she has asthma.

November - For my husband’s birthday, we again chose to donate to the church pantry to celebrate his birthday.

December To celebrate the birth of Jesus, Our Savior, our gifts for charity went to the Salvation Army to help them to provide Christmas for needy families.


Budgets are tight for everyone, but small amounts add up. Make this a family project. Discuss with your children why you are giving and ask for their input. Perhaps they will even want to forgo a treat, once a month, to contribute to gifts for charity. Setting aside a donation each month will help to keep the spirit of Christmas going all year long, and it will help those in need. These gifts for charity, honoring the memory of our deceased parents, bring back recollections of other birthdays, Christmases, and other celebrations. These gifts for charity will offer an opportunity to talk about cherished memories of our loved ones.