I am a chocolate lover and my kids have learned that I would be extremely sad if a birthday or Christmas went by without someone giving me chocolate. And my husband has no problem deciding what to give me for our anniversary or on Valentines Day – chocolate of course!

For those who may not be quite as fond of this confectionery as I am, you may be wondering what exactly would make perfect gifts for chocolate lovers. Here are some suggestions:

1. Gourmet or imported chocolates

You could, of course, buy some fancy Hershey chocolates (eg heart shaped chocolates for Valentines Day) but I would suggest you rather spend a bit more and buy gourmet or imported chocolates – Swiss, French, Belgian or German are all great. If you know the preference of the recipient buy the type they like – I like mint and truffle chocolates, but if you don't know, either go with a box that contains a wide variety of flavors or go with just straight plain chocolate. A gift basket of different imported slabs will also be appreciated.

2. Other cChocolate Cakehocolate related products

Most chocolate lovers will also appreciate anything covered with chocolate – chocolate raisins, chocolate peanuts and I have even seen chocolate wasabi peas! A gourmet chocolate cake or expensive chocolate ice-cream is another idea. And don't forget about ideas like expensive hot chocolate mixes. I love all of these, but would never think of buying them for myself, so they would make a great gift for me, and many other chocolate lovers too.

3. A chocolate fountain

I must admit, if I know there is going to be a chocolate fountain at a wedding or party, I want to be there! No party food can compare to dipping strawberries into a rich stream of cascading chocolate! Until recently commercial fountains were the only ones available, but now you can buy a Sephra Chocolate Fountain for home use. My sister bought one a few months ago and she uses it at every opportunity.

In conclusion, if you are looking for gifts for chocolate lovers – just give them what they want – something with lots of chocolate that they can enjoy! Don't try to be too inventive. Personally, I don't enjoy books about chocolate or baking with chocolate. They just make me hungry for the real thing! Stick with giving chocolate – as much of it as you can afford, and they will thanks you for it!