Gifts for Skiers

Ski Boot Dryer Gifts for Skiers

Ski Boot Warmers and Other Gifts for Skiers

Opening up a new pair of ski boots Christmas morning is a lot of fun. Whether you are buying gifts for skiers as a Christmas gift, birthday gift, another holiday celebration, or as just because gift, ski boots are a good choice. But, ski boots are not the only necessity of a skier. The nice thing about buying gifts for skiers is that you have a wide assortment of gifts, including ski boots, ski boot dryers, ski boot bags, coats, warm clothing, lift tickets, and more. Use this as a shopping guide to get the best gifts for skiers. These snow sports gift giving tips include gift ideas ranging from expensive to affordable, discount prices.

Gifts for Skiers: Ski Boot Warmers

Ski boot and glove warmers are great gifts for skiers. These are also awesome gifts for snowboarders since they dry ski boots, snowboard boots, gloves, pants, and more. The Dry Guy boot warmer is one of the best warmers/dryers for skiers and snowboarders. It is a forced-air garment dryer for that will dry your boots, helmet, and other ski clothing. Using a ski boot warmer will help your ski and other sports clothing and accessories last longer by preventing molding and deterioration by smell and moisture. Getting a ski boot dryer is a gift for skiers that can be used throughout the year. Boot warmers are one of the best and most useful items you can buy a skier because it can be used all year long for things other than drying ski boots.

Gifts for Skiers: Ski Boots for Men and Women

Some of the most popular brands of ski boots for men are Head, Salomon (also makes Salomon cross country boots), Technica, Dalbello, Garmont, Shogun, Rossignol, Black Diamond and others. When it comes to buying women's ski boots there are size differences. Ski boots for women tend to have a lower cuff to accommodate lower calf muscles. Women's bodies are built differently so ski boots and accessories are made to accommodate. First time ski boot buyers can stick with the best selling ski boot brands. The ski boots best for women are similar men's since the same companies make multiple lines. Head Edge Ski Boots and its related styles like Head I and others are excellent boots for skiing. Some more best ski boots for women are Atomic, Salomon, Lange, Head, Nordica, and Rossignol.

Discount Ski Boots

To save money on ski boots buy them from last season. Shopping for last season's ski boots will save you hundreds of dollars on a pair of ski boots. Manufacturers release new styles and fits for their ski boots every year. Some sizes and styles from the past year get overstocked and you save money if you the shoe fits. This enables those buying gifts for skiers a great chance to buy discount ski boots as a gift. You just need to know the recipients ski boot size then you can start shopping. Amazon has incredible discounted ski boots, some of them over 90% off the original price. There are even Lange 2010 ski boots discounted plus these other great deals.

  • Lange Exclusive 90 Ski Boots for women on sale for 80% off.
  • Rossignol Men's size 23.0 ($49.00)
  • Salomen Falcon Race Boots size 23.5 ($69.95, a 93% discount)
  • Nordica Hot Rod Ski Boots size 6 ($79.95)
  • Nordica Dobermann Team 70 boots size 8, ($79.95) for Juniors or kids.

Those are just a few examples of discount ski boots and there are many other ski boots discounted by several hundred dollars. Finding a cheap pair of ski boots is perfect, especially if funds are limited. Ski boots go over well as gifts. All of the above brands are well-like by skiers.

SmartWool Socks

Warm ski accessories make great gifts for skiers. The warmest socks for skiing, hiking, snowboarding, and outside activities are SmartWool socks. These socks are made from soft merino wool. They are the best, warmest sock for skiing and made from soft merino wool. They are great to keep your feet warm. You can get discounted merino wools socks at Amazon. The #1 rated Darn Tough Merino Wool socks are a good deal.

Ski and Boot Bags

Ski and boot bags are also great gifts for skiers. Whether buying a ski boot bag for carrying their boots up to the hill or traveling easier with skies, the ski and boot bags are great gifts. When you are shopping for the ski bag check it to make sure the length is right.

Ski Coats, Ski Gloves, and Warm Thermal Clothing

If none of the above gifts for skiers are what you are looking for then try giving a new ski coat. Anyone who skies wants to stay warm and appreciates a nice warm coats, whether it's a men's coat or women's. Of course, if you are buying for a young skier then they grow out of their ski jackets quicker. Ski gloves are very important as well. Some skiers also appreciate glove warmers, toe warmers, and hand warmers to help them stay warm. Another gift for skiers is warm thermal clothing. Layering the clothes for skiing is important to keep warmth in and the cold out. Warm thermals are great for layers. A warm skier that is comfortable on the slopes layers sports clothing from their merino wool socks to their thermals under their ski pants. These gifts for skiers are great for Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays. If you are unsure of ski pant sizes or the best ski boot brands to get them there are always gift cards. Sometimes the best gift for skiers is the money to enjoy skiing.