Horse-Lovers: Purchasing gifts

How to choose a gift for a horse-lover

There is such a range of gifts suitable for horse-lovers that the only problem is one of choice. Take into consideration the person for whom you’re buying the gift. Do they own a horse? If so, do they compete in a particular discipline or do they just like to ride for pleasure? Perhaps they don’t own a horse but hope to soon. Perhaps they just adore the noble horse for its aesthetic beauty. All these factors will impact on your choice.  So, too, will the age of the recipient.


Personalised gifts are always nice. With these days of online products, it isn’t difficult to organise a calendar, coffee mug, key-ring, or note-pad imprinted with an image of a personal photo. If you see them (and their horse) often, build up a collection of photos through the year then come October organise a calendar for a Christmas gift through one of the online companies that promote such items. For a birthday, choose one of the many other personalised gifts available. A coffee mug with the head of their favourite horse, a framed photo or portrait of their horse, horse related diaries – the list is virtually endless.

There is a great multitude of gifts to be found in saddlery shops and feed outlets. Practical gifts are always welcome – a halter, haynet, lead rope, grooming tools are all items which eventually need replacing. Such a gift is one less drain on the horse-owner’s purse. A bag of feed would also be appreciated. If your recipient is hoping to get their own mount in the not too distant future, a riding lesson or two would please them. Lessons never go astray as there is always more to learn but are often beyond the reach of owners struggling to pay feed and shoeing bills.

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Clothing is a good choice. As long as there is a horse somewhere on it, most horse-lovers would be pleased to receive a sweater or shirt. Gloves or wellies never go astray. A body protector is another good idea. For a child, an approved riding helmet if they don’t already have one is another option.

Books and DVDs are available in a vast array of titles. Educational DVDs on dressage, barrel racing, jumping and eventing would please someone into these disciplines. A subscription to their favourite equestrian magazine would also save them some money. Someone expecting their first foal (so to speak!) would appreciate a book or DVD on foaling or perhaps even a foaling alarm for the mare to wear. First aid or horse health books are always useful.

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Children would love Black Beauty, Racing Stripes or any one of the number of fictional titles (books or DVDs) involving ponies. For smaller children, colouring-in books or books with tear-out stickers would occupy them for some time. Equestrian jewellery, a horse charm bracelet, posters and jigsaws are other ideas for children as are educational books of horse breeds or ‘how to ride’ titles.

A gift voucher is always welcome. If money is really short, give a homemade voucher offering to muck out/clean tack/mind the children/cook a meal while they ride.

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For an older person who perhaps has had to give up their beloved equestrian pursuits, take them to a horse show or expo. Make them feel special for the day and they will love you for it. A magazine subscription is a good idea for older people too, and allows them to enjoy keeping up with what is going on in the equestrian world. If they were into dressage, buy a DVD of the Olympic Dressage tests for them to watch and enjoy. If eventing or driving was their preferred pursuit, buy a DVD relating to that.

A walk through a saddlery store or two will throw up such a range of gifts that you won’t know where to start. So decide on your budget, give some thought as to the area of equestrianism your recipient is into and have fun choosing an appropriate gift.