Keep Mother's Day affordable and heartfelt with these gift ideas.

The unconditional love mother’s give to their children means that the cheap Mother’s Day gifts and the homemade Mother’s Day gifts are usually the most cherished ones, too. These types of gifts on Mother’s day are memorable and filled with love. Start with a hand-crafted card, completed by your children with minimal help and then add any of the other gift ideas here.

Photo Gifts

Online photo printing sites offer things like coffee mugs, mouse pads, reusable shopping bags and photo books. Because there are several competitive sites that all offer this type of thing, it is simple to find online coupon codes for steep discounts. Just type “coupon code” and the site name like Flikr, Shutterfly or PhotoBucket, into a search engine. Your results should help you make some personalized and cheap Mother’s Day gifts. This type of gift is a fun one to make an annual tradition too, because you can use your children’s most recent school photos on a mug, and then make another the next year with updated photos. After several years mom will have a whole collection of thoughtful and memorable Mother’s Day gifts that show how much you love her, and she can see them every day when she pours her morning coffee or tea.

A Day for MomGifts on Mother's DayCredit: Amazon

Days where you pamper and care for mom are perfect gifts and they do not have to cost you a dime. Start the day by letting mom sleep in. Make her a tray with breakfast so she can enjoy it in bed, even if it is just cereal and fresh fruit. You can buy an inexpensive fancy tray or make a homemade tray by cutting up an empty box that is lying around. Let the kids decorate the box with paints, decorations or notes of love for mom. Make it clear that mom is not allowed in the kitchen on Mother’s Day unless it is for something small. Keep her out of meal preparation, and instruct her to simply enjoy the meals, not help cook them. If mom likes to enjoy the outdoors, plan an outing like one where you go hunting for treasure, or if mom is a girly girl, take her to browse the newest make up trends at the department store. Finish off the day by preparing a warm bath and telling mom that needs to relax and enjoy her evening with peace and quiet.

Expand Upon an Another Idea

Often your children will bring home small gifts made in class with their teacher, just before holidays like Mother’s Day. Quiz your child, or even your child’s teacher, to find out what type of gift is being created, and then expand upon the same concept. If the teacher is helping your children paint small flowerpots, get some inexpensive seeds and potting soil at the local mega store, another inexpensive flowerpot, and you can all decorate another one together. This way you have not only another gift idea, but also a fun project for Mother’s Day that you can all do together. If the project at school is paper mache flowers, pick some to go along with them from your garden. If you do not have a garden, make some more flowers, either by coloring them on printer paper and cutting them out, or by picking up an inexpensive craft kit at the local hobby store. You usually only need some glue and maybe some pipe cleaners to complete the project. This gives you some homemade Mother’s Day gifts that mom will remember for years.