Great gifts do not need to cost a fortune

Since most of us have only just recovered from the financial woes of Christmas, Valentine's Day is fast approaching and for many cash-strapped consumers, trying to find an affordable, but not 'cheap' gift is not always a simple task. There are a number of great gift-buying ideas that do not necessarily have to break the bank and with just a little creative thinking and a lot of imagination, great gifts can be found.

Costume jewelry is a great money saver and today, there is a lot of good quality costume jewelry choices and furthermore, many creative people are actually designing, making and selling their own unique collection of costume jewelry. Before heading out to your local jewelry store, why not surf the net and find local jewelry designers, where unique jewelry can be sourced. Yet another, affordable and fantastic gift idea is a framed photograph, as well as a homemade basket of treats, such as baked biscuits, homemade chocolates, etc.

For the man in your life on Valentine's Day, why not treat him to a book of vouchers - these can be made on any computer and a little thought can go a long way. Whether you are dating, or married, homemade vouchers will entitle the recipient to enjoy treats, which can include a half an hour's back-rub, or a night out with the boys, or even an entire fishing day or fishing weekend. The ideas for the voucher booklet is only limited by imagination and in many cases, men will look forward to redeeming their vouchers for months to come. The book of vouchers can also be a great gift idea for women - why not give the special lady the day off, giving her the time to relax and unwind, while men take care of the cleaning, or better yet, let her enjoy a girl's night out.

Rather than actually giving a gift, how about arranging a special evening together, or if you have the fund, why not plan a romantic weekend away. Be sure to visit the several budget accommodation websites to secure the best deals at many great weekend getaway destinations. For those who do not have the means to enjoy a weekend away, an affordable alternative would be to spend a special night in and treat your partner to a candle-lit dinner or even an indoor picnic with delectable treats.

For the perfect gift this Valentine's day, give a gift from the heart - a far better alternative to pricy and often impersonal gifts.