There are a few gifts that you should never try to buy for your significant other due to the impression they are going to give even if they were not intended or the lack of knowledge men have on the subject . This list is nowhere near set in stone and should be looked at only as a guide to evoke extra thought in the gifts you give. Also you must always remember that all women are different and these may not line up entirely.

· Work out equipment
· Makeup
· Cleaning supplies
· Food prep appliances
· Non designer handbags

Work out equipment
I feel like this one may be a no brainer. When you buy her work out equipment you are telling her you are not satisfied with her. This could be the opposite statement from what you are trying to make but as a man it could be the perception that you give. There are some men out there that would think that this would be a great gift because they would be thinking about the health of the spouse or significant other. You could want nothing more than to spend the extra years together that good health would give. While living healthy is very, very important this is not the way to approach this. The best way to promote good health is to lead by example.

The problem with this one is that most guys do not have a clue of what to buy their better halves. If you are one of those guys you are making the rest of us look horrible. To truly understand make up and why women use puts you 10 steps ahead of the rest of the men out there. The reason the rest of us should not try to buy makeup is because we again are giving the message that our female friend. She may think you are giving her the makeup because you are not happy with her appearance.

Cleaning tools
This should never seem like a good idea. Some guys will think that buying their wife or girlfriend a vacuum or steam cleaner for the floors is a good idea because you will be making cleaning easier. If you are really wanting to make her job easier you should offer to do her part of the house work for a month rather than buying her something to make the work easier.

Food prep appliances
This is right in line with the cleaning tools, the message you will be giving will not be what you intended. Guys like to get and give gifts that are going to make their lives easier but this is not the case for women. I would venture to say that your better half world prefer to have you cook the dinner and have it ready to go when she gets home from work rather than having a new appliance that makes her job a little easier.

Non designer handbags
This one can be difficult. If you know the exact brand and type of purse that your wife is looking for then this gets a lot easier. Where guys can run into problems on this one is when we try to shoot from the hip. Trying to shoot from the hip on buying your wife a purse is no different they trying to buy something for yourself you have never used before. There is a chance you may get lucky now and then but the chances are you are going to mess this one up. There are some guys out there that are much more in tune with women’s accessories, but for most men this should be a no fly zone.
I hope this at least sheds some light on things most guys should avoid when buying your better half gifts this holiday season.