The Gigatent Redleg 3 Camo colored dome tent is by no means the lightest or greatest backpacking tent available, but it is available for around $60.00. Many high tech and light weight tents can cost upwards of $300 or more. There are many quality light weight backpacking tents available, but if you are a casually outdoor enthusiast and are only looking for a cheap and quality lightweight tent to use a few weeks of the year then the Gigatent Redleg 3 tent is hard to beat for overall VALUE.

The Gigatent Redleg tent is lightweight compared to many tents, but is actually very heavy for a tent in the lightweight category. The Gigatent Redleg weighs in with a pack weight of 7 pounds and 14 ounces. You can knock a few ounces off by using lighter tent pegs, but even then this Gigatent Redleg tent is heavy, at least by the current standard afforded to tents in this category.

If you are a weekend enthusiast who spends numerous nights out backpacking to a remote campground or cycling hundreds of miles on a cycle touring vacation then the Gigatent Redhead is not designed for you. If on the other hand you are only doing the occasional backpacking trip or cycling trip and do not want to carry along the family 8 person dome tent then the Gigatent Redleg may be the best bet for you.

As an occasional backpacker you will tend to over pack more than an elite light weight backpacker so a couple of extra pounds of a tent weight won’t hurt you for a short hike into the woods. If you plan on hiking to Everest Base camp then obviously this is the worst tent you could choose.

The tent is a basic dome with an internal height of 4’4” at the peak in the center. It could easily be marketed as a tent for children, but it is designed for the occasional use camper. The company lists this tent as a 3-3 person tent, but in all fairness it is only goof for 2 adults that don’t mind cuddling a little bit. If you are going hunting with your best buddy and are homophobic then this tent would be a heart wrenching choice for you.

The poles are the run of the mill fiberglass poles. The poles work great for occasional use in moderate climates but if the wind is blowing 25 mph or more you can expect a pole to snap unless you are sheltered from direct wind. The low profile allows moderate winds to whip right over the tent, but in heavier winds you will find the poles are not the strongest. If you buy this tent, or any tent for that matter, you should carry some Duct tape with you to emergency fix the poles in case of a pole snapping.

If you are use to using high end ultra light tents then you may be disappointed with this tent. If you are looking for a cheap tent that is not cheaply constructed then this tent is great. The tent IS cheaply constructed, but a lot higher quality then similar offerings from other companies that also market cheap tents. When you are done with this tent you can continue to take it car camping and let the kids sleep and play in it while you and your wife stay in the Coleman Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent.

The zipper needs to be sipped up slowly or it will snag, but all in all the Gigatent Redleg is a great tent for the money.