Gigwalkgigwalk is an iPhone app that earns you money, by paying you for completed "Gigs". Gigwalk is currently only in a couple of major cities, but they have plans for expansion. Gigwalk will pay you for completing Gigs. Gigs  could be verifying business information, taking pictures of a storefront, verifying map information or uploading a menu. All of the Gigs can be completed using your iPhone. Some of the picture-taking Gigs require you to have an iPhone 4 for better picture quality. Gigs pay between $3 and $50+. 

Local directory services, website data companies and mapping services higher Gigwalk to gather information for them. Gigwalk then free lances the work out to iPhone Gigwalk users. 

Gigwalk is great for earning extra money. Especially if you have some extra time in an area with Gigs available. Some Gigs will take less than 5 minutes! Or if you have a commute and there are Gigs located along your commute. 

How Does GigWalk Work?

  1. Download the Gigwalk app on your iPhone and sign up. They will ask you a couple personal details like your name and birthday. They need this information so they can pay you. If you don't enter correct information, you could be denied. 
  2. Once you have registered, you can search for Gigs near you. The Gigs will show up on a map. You can also see how much each Gig is worth, and the details of what you have to do once you accept a Gig. 
  3.  If you decide you want to do a Gig, you can select it. Once you accept a gig you have 8 hours to complete it, or its released again into the Gig pool.  Follow the Gig instructions exactly. Take the pictures it asks or input the information it wants.
  4. Once you successfully complete a Gig, the work you submit is reviewed by the Gigwalk customer, and if it's approved you will be paid. Work might not be approved if the picture is blurry or the information is incomplete. The customer has 5 days to review your work. Gigwalk will pay you within 7 days via Paypal.
  5. You are awarded  Streetcred points based on your submission of quality work. As you build streetcred, higher paying Gigs are unlocked for you. 

I  don't know about you, but any opportunity to earn extra money is one I like. Especially when it seems like it could be fun. Have you tried Gigwalk? How much money have you earned with it?