Cheap Relatively durable.


Cheap Do not last long. Not the best shave.

Full Review

Shaving can be quite the hassle. If, you want an expensive razor, then not only is shaving a hassle but also costly. Some razors wear out faster than others, or may simply not glide smoothly. One razor I have found to be quite good is the Gillette DIsposable Razor. The Gillette Disposable Razor is an excellent back-up razor. It is cheap, sharp, and efficient. Whenever my normal razor-blades are dulled and I have run out, I simply reach for a simple, dual razor Gillette. They are pretty easy to use, are cheap, and are surprisingly durable. I like to keep a few stored away incase I run out. These razors are not the top of the line so after a few uses, they begin to dull. If you want to continually use them, I would shave with them a maximum of fifteen times. After that, their dullness becomes evident. A person could simply buy a pack and shave with each razor fifteen times. I do not think this is too eco-friendly. The razors also do not get the closest shave. The amount of plastic wasted by simply going through a bag of these is surprising. Not only is each disposable razor made mostly from plastic, you also have to take into account the bag they came in. I prefer using a better razor, such as the Fusion, because it saves plastic. As this is a back-up razor, I understand only needing a few.

In Closing

For the price, these razors are good. They are a typical, what you see is what you get type of razor. The first shave is always the best. you can clearly tell when it is time to replace one of these.