Dazzle the Crowd in a Ginger Grant Costume

In September 1964, seven people took a three hour tour on the USS Minnow that would change their lives forever.  The television program, Gilligan’s Island, had an eclectic cast of characters, who had o choice but to work together to stay alive.

There were four men and three women who became castaways on a deserted desert isle. Gilligan and the Skipper were the two who manned the boat and got their five guests to safety. The Professor was a high school science teacher who constantly tried to use his smarts to get them off the island.  Thurston Howell III was a self made Harvard millionaire who enjoyed the finer things in life, even while being stranded on an island.

Gilligan's Island Tina Louise Ginger Grant CostumeCredit: By CBS Television (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By CBS Television (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

There were also three women who were stranded. Lovely Howell was Thurston’s wife, and she did little to help the others.  Mary Ann was a Kansas farm girl who could make anything out of the island’s native growing coconut.

And then there was Ginger Grant.  A “B” list movie starlet who dreamed of being an even bigger movie star, she gave the show an added sexy edge.  In her soft, breathy voice, Ginger could get the men to do most anything.

If you are looking for a unique sexy Halloween costume, why not be Ginger Grant?

About the Series

Gilligan’s Island was created by Sherwood Schwartz. No one thought the series would last, including some of it’s cast members.  However, it had a large audience until it was canceled in 1967, without the castaways ever being rescued. 

Despite only having a three year run, it was a fan favorite because of all it’s years in syndication. Eventually, they were rescued in a 1978  made for television movie called Rescue From Gilligan’s Island, which Tina Louise refused to participate in.  She felt the role of Ginger Grant had ruined her ability to get serious acting jobs.

Ginger Wants Some Love

Ginger Grant Style Costumes

The character of Ginger was based on the old Hollywood movie starlets.  The most direct comparison would be to Marilyn Monroe, as Ginger had a voluptuous figure and a sexy, breathy voice.  

The following costumes are definitely something Ginger would have had on the island with her, packed in her suitcase.  Who knows why she had an entire wardrobe for a three hour tour? That answer will never be known!

These dresses come in all different sizes, and some come in plus size.

Pink Marilyn Monroe Sexy Costume - Marilyn Monroe Costumes


This pink floor length gown is gorgeous and reminiscent of what Ginger would have packed on her three hour tour. It offers full coverage, yet shows just enough to make the eyes of everyone "pop" when you walk into the room.  The rouched design flatters every figure and the ruffle at the bottom gives the gown a mermaid kind of appearance.

It comes with the matching scarf.

Not a Natural Redhead? Try This Wig on for Size

Adult Gilligans Island Ginger Costume Wig
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Ginger gets her name from the color of her hair. If you are not in the mood to color yours for this costume, even temporarily, then this wig is the perfect accessory to your look.

For Those Who Want to Wear White


Ginger Grant Costume for WomenCredit: www.amazon.com

This costume is both elegant and classy and is a take on the classic Marilyn Monroe dress from the movies.  It shows off your curves and very little else!  The V-neck neckline is flattering. It is available in different sizes, including plus size.

You'll Flip for This Wig

Sandy Auburn Ginger Cute Fashion Flick 50's 60's Style Wig
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This flip hairstyle is so 1960's and would look awesome with the gown that you selected to wear.