Couples Costume Ideas for Halloween 2017

Gilligan’s Island has been a beloved television series for almost fifty years. The story of seven people who took a three hour boat tour, only to be shipwrecked for twenty-four years, was not expected to be successful. But it stayed on top of the ratings for CBS during the three years it was on the air.

Despite it’s early demise, Gilligan’s Island became a perennial favorite in reruns. In fact, it was so popular, that in 1978, a first of it’s kind occurred. A cast of a long-canceled television series was reunited to give it a proper ending. Rescue From Gilligan’s Island was a top rated television movie that finally gave closure to whatever happened to the seven stranded castaways.

Gilligan's Island Halloween CostumesCredit: By CBS Television (eBay front back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By CBS Television (eBay front back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Sherwood Schwartz’s infamous characters are instantly recognizable. Gilligan, The Skipper, Thurston Howell III, Lovey Howell, Ginger Grant, The Professor and Mary Ann are television icons. You can attend your costume party alone as one of the following characters or go as a group as the band of castaways.

The Infamous Theme Song

Gilligan Costume

The lovable bumbler

The bumbling fool was Skipper’s “Little Buddy”. Gilligan was known for messing up all attempts to escape from the island. Despite his clumsiness, he was kind and lovable and always forgiven for mistakes.  His full name was Willy Gilligan, although his first name was never used on the series.  Little else is known about him, other than he had a best friend named Skinny Mulligan and he was president of his eighth grade class. 

Gilligan's Island Gilligan Adult CostumeCredit: By CBS Television (eBay front back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This Gilligan’s Island costume is complete with the red shirt and blue pants that are synonymous with this character. Since the costume is one size, the pants are stretchy so they should fit most adults. Also included is a white hat. For those of you who are fair haired, you can buy black hair spray to make your Gilligan look more authentic.

The Skipper Costume

Although his real name is Jonas Grumby, everyone calls him Skipper. The captain of the SS Minnow feels responsible for the castaways and does his best to try and get them off the island. He is gruff on the outside, but is soft as a marshmallow on the inside.

The Skipper Halloween CostumeCredit:

Skipper puts up with Gilligan because years earlier, when they were serving together in the Navy, Gilligan saved his life.  Upon retiring, he began charting three hour tours and taking visitors on a tropical trip.  He hired his life saver to be his first mate.

For those wanting to dress as the Skipper, this costume comes with a short sleeved blue polo shirt that is made of 100% polyester. There is a little minnow logo on the front. The front of the shirt has a place where you can stuff the belly is you do not have one of your own. Topping off the ensemble is a captain’s hat.

Ginger Grant Costume

She was about to become Hollywood’s next big thing when she was unfortunately stranded on the desert isle. Ginger Grant, the voluptuous castaway, didn’t care much for menial labor. She did her best to help Mary Ann bake and entertain the others. 


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Ginger was all about glamour, and she was a Marilyn Monroe type. If you want to dress as a movie star on the red carpet just like Ginger, this gold gown will get you noticed. It is floor length with a scoop neckline, much like what Tina Louise wore when she portrayed the shipwrecked movie starlet. 

Mary Ann Costume

A Simple Country Girl at Heart

Born and raised in Kansas, Mary Ann possess skills her castaways can be grateful for. She can cook up a storm and make anything out of coconut and she also is an expert seamstress. Nobody seems to notice her natural beauty when she is near Ginger.  She cannot be bought, and no matter how much money Mr. Howell offers her to do something, she will not do it.   She has a strong set of morals that she will not break, even though she is far from home and no one would ever know.

Mary Ann Costume Includes the Wig

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Get to work on your abs if you are going to wear this midriff baring costume. It comes with everything you see...just add your own white tennis sneakers and you are ready to party!

What About The Professor, The Millionaire and His Wife?

Create your own costumes!

There are no official Gilligan's Island Halloween costumes for the Professor, Thurston Howell III and his wife Lovey Howell.  However, that should not stop you from creating your own versions of this trio.

The Professor

A great mind with a simple wardrobe, the Professor, Roy Hinkley could make anything from what grew on the island. He was a brainiac whose mission was to get off the island and back in to the world of academia.

The Professor’s costume can be found right in your own closet! A pair of khaki pants and a white button down shirt is all you need. Make yourself a name tag that reads “The Professor” and carry a coconut to let people know which character you are.

Thurston Howell III

A multi-millionaire long before the dot-com era, Thurston Howell III is the owner of multiple homes and businesses. A Harvard man, he still tracks his millions by listening to the radio. He has been married to his college sweetheart, Lovey, for twenty years.

This is another costume that you can find right in your own closet. A pair of dress pants, a navy sports coat and an ascot will make you look like a million bucks. Add an authentic yachting cap and be ready to attract attention.

Lovey Howell

Although her real name is Eunice Wentworth, her adoring husband Thurston always calls her “Lovey”. She was a socialite who had plenty of charm. Miss Manners would have been pleased with attention to politeness, even while stranded on a desert island.

For this particular Gilligan’s Island costume, any matronly dress will do. Add a strand of pearls, red lipstick and a parasol to create a Lovey Howell look.

Gilligan's Island Halloween costumes are perfect for adult couples to go as together or to go solo.