Whether it is your girlfriend, mother or sister, there are people who can not stop watching this show.  Although the last season aired in 2007, there are still places you can buy Gilmore Girls gifts, including official merchandise from the WB Shop, Amazon and fan designed gear from Cafe Press.  You can get everything from the complete series on DVD to hoodies to key rings for the fans in your life.  If you don't already know, some girls are Team Lorelai and some are Team Rory.  It doesn't matter which team your fan is on, all the below will work for either.  If you have a Gilmore Girl addict in your life, have a look at these ideas for great gifts.  The products listed on this page run anywhere from $2 to $150, although most sell for under $30, which means you afford to feed their obsession without having to watch another episode.

Gilmore Girls Complete Series from AmazonNo Gilmore Girls fan's life is complete without the Complete Series Collection, with all seven seasons in one slim, but cute box set.  It takes up a lot less room than buying each season separately.  And don't be fooled, even if the fan in your life has all or most of these seasons on DVD already, she will still want this.  Besides including 153 episodes on 42 disks, and the expected hours of bonus features, this set also comes with a Gilmore-isms guide-book.  Brought to you by the folks over at Amazon, the price comes in at under $150, which works out to roughly the same price you would pay for each season individually.Luke's Diner Gilmore Girls Blue T-Shirt from WB ShopCredit: Taken from WB website for promotion of their products..

Official merchandise from the WB shop includes Luke's Diner and Dragonfly Inn branded items, such as this t-shirt.  For those of you who have somehow successfully managed to avoid watching five full minutes of the Gilmore Girls, Luke's Diner is where Lorelai and Rory have breakfast (and usually dinner) every day that they are not fighting with Luke.  Maybe you never wanted to know that, but needless to say, Luke's Diner is in the heart of every Gilmore fan and you  absolutely can not go wrong with an officially branded t-shirt which lets them say so.

Dragonfly Inn Gilmore Girls Keepsake Box from WB ShopCredit: Taken from WB website for promotion of their product.If you prefer something a little less obvious, why not have a look at the Dragonfly Inn Keepsake Box, also on offer from the WB shop.  This 5.5" square mahogany finished box, lined with velvet on the inside.  As the quaint inn that Lorelai owns towards the end of the program, this is a great gift for Gilmore Girls fans.

Both the Luke's Diner T-Shirt and the Dragonfly Inn Keepsake Box as well as key rings, mouse pads and mugs are available at wbshop.com for under $40 (with the t-shirt much less).  Just head to the Gilmore Girls page for details on all their products.

However the best place to pick up Gilmore Girls gifts is at CafePress.  This website enables fans to create their own designs on a huge variety of products from sweatshirts to wall clocks to iPad cases and even underwear.  If your gift giving includes a real Gilmore Girls fan, then you will want to order a gift from them.  And if you haven't any clue what your fan will love, here are a few classic Gilmore Girls gifts you can choose from.  Oy With the Poodles Gilmore Girls Fitted Hoodie from Cafe PressCredit: Taken from CafePress website for promotion of their product..

The line "Oy! With the Poodles Already" comes from Season Two, Episode Twenty Two.  (Have a look at the video below if you don't know it off by heart already.)  This fitted hoodie makes a perfect Gilmore Girls gift for any fan who can recite all the lines from memory.  The sweatshirt is 100% Combed Ring Spun Cotton Fleece and pre-washed to avoid shrinking.  It has a front zip, front pockets and is available in sized small to XL.  This is a real bargain at $34 dollars. Luke's Diner Gilmore Girls Wall Clock from Cafe PressCredit: Taken from CafePress website for promotion of their product..

The Luke's Diner Wall Clock from Cafe Press makes a great addition to the kitchen of any Gilmore Girls fan.  At $15, this wall clock is an excellent gift.  Sporting the Luke's Diner Logo above the words Stars Hollow, Connecticut, this 10" round clock is a must-have item.  And if you prefer clocks with numbers, there are others to choose from.  Just throw in an AA battery and you will have made your fan smile.

Babette Ate Oatmeal Gilmore Girls Large Pet Bowl from Cafe PressCredit: Taken from CafePress website for promotion of their product..For the fan with a dog, the Babette Ate Oatmeal large pet bowl will make a great Gilmore Girls gift.  Lorelai's dog was named Paul Anka after the singer /songwriter, but the saying comes from Kirk in Season Three, Episode Seventeen, where he describes his latest money-making venture and prints up t-shirts with daily Stars Hollow events.  There are t-shirts available, if you prefer the authentic route.  Just make sure to get it in black if that is the case.  The dog bowl sells for $20.Copper Boom Gilmore Girls Travel Mug from Cafe PressCredit: Taken from CafePress website for promotion of their product..

And of course, no Gilmore Girls fan should be without a travel coffee mug to display their (and the Girls') addiction.  This 15-oz mug has "Copper Boom" on it, from the Second Episode in Series Four when Rory heads off to Yale.  There is a lot in the middle of those two words, but Loralei missed them and now means, hurry!  Perfect for a travel coffee mug.  Stainless steel inside with a ceramic outer shell makes value for money at just under $25.

Simply click here to get to the Gilmore Girls Cafe Press Page to order any of the above products.

Gilmore Girls Set of 6 MagnetsCredit: Taken from Amazon website for promotion of their product..If you are just looking for something small, as a stocking stuffer, why not try a set of six magnets featuring both Lorelai and Rory on each one.Gilmore Girls Key RingCredit: Taken from Amazon website for promotion of their product..  The set sells for less than $5 from Amazon.  Or perhaps a key ring featuring the Gilmore Girls for all of $2 from another of Amazon's suppliers.  If your fan is a true one, you should probably just order both!

If there is a true Gilmore Girls fan in your life, there is no getting around it.  So you may as well cave and get them Gilmore Girls Gifts.  It will score you enough points to get out of watching the show.

Oy With the Poodles Already

from the Gilmore Girls