It's an unpredictable love story.
Discusses the ups & downs of single parenting.
Gilmore Girls Season 1 depicts everyday life in an extraordinary way.


They talk fast & some find Gilmore Girls Season 1 hard to follow. If you watch a few episodes you'll become accustomed to the speed.
A lot of pop culture references are included. These can introduce you to a whole new world if you look up the vague terms. Without doing this, you'll miss some of the jokes. The DVD set even comes with a pamphlet that explains all of the "gilmoreisms"

Full Review

Gilmore Girls Season 1 first introduced us to Rory & Lorelai Gilmore. Lorelai unexpectedly became pregnant with Rory when she was 16. She chose to leave her wealthy, controlling family & set out on her own. She ended up working as a maid at in Inn located in Stars Hollow Connecticut. She worked her way up to managing the Inn & raised Rory as a single parent.

Lorelai surrounds herself & her daughter with a colorful cast of characters. There is Sookie St. James, a wacky cook & also Lorelai's best friend. Rory is bosom buddies with a seventh day Adventist Korean girl named Lane Kim who secretly loves Rock & Roll. Of course, there is the surly, but attractive, diner owner named Luke. There are overtones that he might be the perfect match for Lorelai Gilmore.

As Gilmore Girls Season 1 starts, Rory is 16. She seems to be the model daughter. She reads ferociously & her life's ambition is to get into Harvard. Lorelai & Rory have an ideal relationship that most families would envy. They are best friends & constantly know everything that is going on in each other's lives.

The ideal relationship between Rory & Lorelai is juxtaposed between the relationship that Lorelai has with her mother Emily Gilmore. They are somewhat estranged. However, Lorelai needs to borrow money so Rory can go to Chilton, a private school that will help her achieve her dreams. Emily Gilmore grants her the loan on the condition that every Friday night they meet for a family dinner. This affords the grandparents an opportunity to get to know Rory better. Lorelai thinks that it's a control issue & it launches seven wonderful seasons of family feuds.

We are left wondering whether Rory will make the same mistakes that her mom did & give everything up for a boy. Plus will that boy be Dean or Gilmore Girls' Tristan?

In Closing

Gilmore Girls Season 1 is the perfect show to watch if you have family conflicts but want to have a fabulous life anyways.