As usual, Gilmore Girls season 3 is full of drama, comedy, and quick wit. Throughout this season the main characters, Rory and Lorelai, face many life changing decisions that affect all of Stars Hollow. Picking up where season 2 left off, Rory is trying to put together a romantic situation with Jess and Dean. Meanwhile, Lorelai fails another attempt at a relationship with Christopher.

Rory receives an application from Harvard and meets with some respected Harvard alumni to guarantee her a spot at the University. Only at the disappointment of her grandparents, who want her to attend Yale like her grandfather did. Simultaneously Rory's best friend, Lane, looks for independence and pushes more energy into her band.

A newly single Lorelai is back on the dating scene. She attends one of her mother's society auction and is caught off guard at the sight of a handsome man. Unfortunately, after one disastrous date she realizes looks aren't always enough. Thankfully her career seems to be looking up. She and Sooki plan to purchase the Dragonfly Inn and make it their own.

Richards's mother arrives in Hartford for his birthday. However, Emily is definitely not thrilled at the idea of her mother-in-law staying at her house. Emily anxiously looks for a way to change Trix's dominant and rude attitude toward her.

Lorelai is determined to win the annual Stars Hollow dance marathon with Rory as her partner. Kirk has been the title holder for the past four years and he plans on taking home the trophy again this time. Dean shows up to cheer on Rory, but Jess also makes an appearance. After a few harsh words, Rory begins to realize where her feelings really stand.

With graduation approaching, Rory and Paris compete for the privilege of speaking at Chilton's Bicentennial. Not to mention her extensive decision to make about college. She looks to Lorelai to help her choose between Harvard, Yale, or Princeton.

Sparks fly between Rory and Jess, but he continues to disappoint her with his sporadic absences and lack of communication. Dean has also found new romance with a girl from school. Rory tries to pretend she is happy for him, but deep down she misses her special relationship with Dean.

Emily and Richard are delighted when Rory announces her decision to attend Yale. They couldn't be more proud of her for following in her grandfather's footsteps.

Rory's relationship with Jess takes another wrong turn when she finds out that they cannot attend his prom. Due to his poor grades and frequent absences, Jess does not have enough credits to attend prom or graduation. He decides to leave town and visit his long lost father in California.

Season 3 comes to a close with Rory's graduation from Chilton. Graduating as the Valedictorian, Rory makes a heartfelt speech about her mother, capturing the hearts of the audience by proving just how precious their relationship really is.

This season upholds its brilliantly whimsical reputation. The connection between Rory and Lorelai is completely intriguing and enjoyable to watch. Season 3 is respectably great!