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Mother/Daughter conflict

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Gilmore Girls Season 4 starts out with the fabulous Gilmores returning from their backpacking trip to Europe. Luke has also gone on a vacation with Nicole & he's been acting weird ever since. Lorelai & Rory discover that they have less time than they originally thought to get ready for Yale.

Rory leaves for Yale in somewhat of a rush. Lorelai keeps driving back to the school to make sure that she's o.k. & helps her become acclimatized to her new environment. Rory finds out that Paris is her roommate & Ms. Gellar even has a life coach during Gilmore Girls Season 4.

Lorelai has her own big changes as she finally tries to start her own Inn with Sookie. She also has to adjust to life on her own, without her best friend Rory. The two remain in contact since Yale is a short drive away. Lorelai becomes attracted to her father's business partner, Digger Stiles who she knew growing up. She has to walk the line in Gilmore Girls Season 4 between choosing between love & family loyalty. She also has to deal with Luke's marriage to Nicole & wondering where she fits into his new life.

Even though Rory is at Yale, her life in Stars Hollow remains. She is a frequent visitor to the community & in some ways it's like she never left. Rory has to adjust to the carefree college life. Plus, since she's attending such a prestigious school she must get used to the idea that she will not be the best there & at times she won't even be liked. Rory has worked towards this her entire life & sometimes it seems like she is on the verge of losing it. She has to decide whether to attend Dean's wedding even though she thinks he is too young to get married & that he should focus on school. Jess also returns to town with a chip on his shoulder.

Gilmore Girls Season 4 also saw the show rewarded with an Emmy, something that fans had been looking forward to. However, it was only an award for the incredible make up that was done during the festival of living art where the cast was dressed up like actual paintings.

In Closing

During the season finale of Gilmore Girls Season 4 things finally seem to work out for Lorelai. She opens her own Inn & even kisses Luke. She then has to deal with the fact that Rory has lost her virginity to her married ex boyfriend Dean. This ensues in one of the most passionate fights between mother & daughter that takes place throughout the series. Is it enough to break the Gilmore Girls apart for good?