Rory finally grows up.


Main characters not talking to each other.

Full Review

Gilmore Girls Season 6 is one of the most heartbreaking for long time fans of the show. Sure, the Gilmore Girls have been through broken engagements & plenty of fights. However, this is the first time where they've ever questioned their Mother/Daughter relationship. In fact, for several episodes they aren't even talking to each other.

Gilmore Girls Season 6 starts out with Rory receiving community service for her attempt at stealing a yacht. Luke says yes to Lorelai's proposal. He buys a ring from Kirk, who collects them from older ladies. Luke gets a lot of hassle about not being the one to propose. In the end he says that there has to be the perfect moment & he proposes to Lorelai off camera.

Lorelai tries to fill the void in her life. She even becomes pals with Paris. Paris is struggling not having her only friend at Yale & missing the competition. Lorelai even adopts a dog which she names Paul Anka after the singer.

In the meantime, Rory is living the life that Emily has always dreamed for her. She even joined the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) just so she could get a job there. She spends her time planning functions & dating Logan. In the end, Richard realizes that Rory is wasting her future & they should have stuck with Lorelai's plan to get her back into college.

During Gilmore Girls Season 6 Rory celebrates her 21st birthday. Lorelai & Rory had been planning a trip to Atlantic City for years. However, since their estrangement, Emily organizes a fancy party for the occasion. Lorelai attends & it's the first overture that their relationship can be repaired.

Who would've thought that Jess actually would've been good for something? He returns in Gilmore Girls Season 6. He reveals that he has written a book. This shakes Rory up as she realizes how much her grandmother has taken control of her life. She even fights with Logan about their meaningless existence & tries to repair things with her Mom & get back on track at Yale.

Lorelai finds "the perfect dress" for her wedding to Luke. Then all of her wedding plans fall into place. It looks like things will finally work out for the duo. Then, April shows up. April is the 12 year old daughter that Luke never knew he had. Luke is unwilling to let Lorelai know about her. When she eventually finds out, Luke is adamant hat Lorelai stay away form April as he gets his footing as a parent. In the end, they push back their wedding date. Lane & Zach are wed & Lorelai feels horrible that a kid has made a relationship work when she can't.

Rory is still on the outs with Logan until he participates in a dangerous stunt & ends up in the hospital. Logan has to move to London to be a part of the family business because his dad wants him to grow up.

In Closing

The Gilmore Girls Season 6 finale is heart wrenching. Lorelai begs Luke to run away & get married to her. He says no & she basically says it's now or never. She ends up going to see Rory's Dad, good ol' Christopher. Is there any hope that Luke & Lorelai will ever end up together?