Gilmore Girls Season 7 kicks off with the same dramatic scene that ended season 6. A miserable break-up with Luke pushes Lorelai into the arms of her first love and Rory's father, Christopher. Lorelai tries to ignore her emotions and forget about her relationship with Luke, until he shows up at her front door asking her to elope.

Rory is still dating her longtime boyfriend, Logan. However, this season their relationship faces many obstacles. Rory quickly realizes the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. Logan is in London and Rory is all alone at Yale. Rory looks to Lorelai for comfort, because like every other season, they share an unbreakable friendship. However, Rory is completely furious when she finds out about her mother's promiscuous behavior with Christopher.

Not much has changed between the ruthless couple, Emily and Richard. Charming like always, Emily and Richard continue to provide their unwanted opinions and advice that is often disregarded but completely honest and true. Richard is invited to be a guest lecturer at Yale and later becomes an economics instructor at the University. Emily continues with her contribution efforts to society, convincing Lorelei to attend her beautiful cotillion dance. This is a breakthrough moment between mother and daughter, as Lorelai realizes that some of the things her parents had always wanted for her in life really weren't that bad after all.

Lorelai and Christopher start dating, but Lorelai has a hard time fully committing to their relationship. Christopher takes it one step at a time, using his romance to sweep her off her feet. Rory begins to respect and be quite fond of her parents rekindling their romance, as her own relationship with Logan progresses.

Lorelai and Christopher take a romantic trip to Paris. Caught up in the excitement of the city and their new found love for one another, they sporadically get married without informing anyone, not even Rory. This proves to be a big mistake upon their return home.

Rory attends one Richard's economic classes and witnesses a very unpleasant occurrence that ends with Richard in the hospital. The hospital waiting room serves as a reunion between Rory and Logan and Lorelai and Luke, when Christopher fails to show up. This sparks the downward spiral of their marriage and eventually leads to a separation.

As things slowly get back to normal, Rory nears here graduation from Yale. Her grandparents decide to throw her a wonderful party on the eve of her graduation, because they are so undeniably proud of her. Logan then surprises Rory with an expected gift that she is not sure she wants to accept.

Rory finally graduates from Yale and plans to spend the entire summer with Lorelai. That quickly changes when she receives an exceptional offer in journalism. With just days before her abrupt departure, Lorelai tries to hang on to every last moment with her daughter. All of Stars Hollow gets together to throw Rory an unforgettable and emotional bon voyage party and Lorelai once again has a run-in with love.

The quirky banter between Rory and Lorelai proves to be more alluring and witty than ever. And don't worry; you are sure to see plenty of Sookie, Kirk, and Miss Patty this season as well. The many triumphs and sorrows make the series finale one to remember.