Resolution to a lot of the unanswered questions.


It's the final season.

Full Review

Gilmore Girls Season 7 is the final season for the hit show. After the whirlwind that was Season 6, there was a lot to repair before the finale. Season 6 also saw the exit of the shows creators & writers, Amy Sherman & Dan Palladino. There was some controversy as to whether anyone else would be able to fill their shoes. Amy had said that she wanted to end the show with four words, but she wouldn't divulge what those words were. The series finale was satisfying for many fans, but Gilmore Girls Season 7 lacked the finesse & pop culture references that were present in earlier seasons.

Gilmore Girls Season 7 starts with Lorelai in bed next to Christopher. Luke confronts Lorelai later with a truck filled with belongings. He says he is ready to elope & he just needed some time to think about it. Lorelai tells him what happened & Luke walks away. He goes to punch Christopher in the face.

There are a lot of shocks during this season. One of the first ones is that Lorelai gets married finally, & it's not to Luke. She marries Christopher in Paris during Gilmore Girls Season 7. This was heart breaking & confusing for many fans. She eventually realizes that she is in love with Luke & they get divorced.

Lane also has a lot to deal with during Gilmore Girls Season 7. She returns from her honeymoon to find out that she is unexpectedly pregnant with twins. She has to face the reality of having kids a lot sooner than she ever planned on.

Rory has to decide whether Logan is right for her. He has grown up a little but Rory still finds plenty of things to be jealous about. Her ultimate goal was to get an Ivy League education & she will graduate in Gilmore Girls Season 7. She has to find a job or internship, which is one of the few things that doesn't come easy to her. Rory's graduation is realistic; they don't even make her valedictorian or give her an opportunity to give a speech.

In Closing

As the series winds down, the characters have to resolve saying goodbye to each other. Rory breaks up with Logan. She lands a job reporting on politics & it requires her to leave everything she knows & travel on a bus. Emily & Richard try to get Lorelai in debt to them so she'll keep coming to Friday night dinners. Gilmore Girls Season 7 ends the way the show began, with a mother & daughter in a diner while Luke pours them coffee.