Ginger jar table lamps are a great accent to an Asian inspired room. These lamps are made of porcelain, ceramic, or glass and are hand-painted. Ginger jar lamps are currently going through a bit of a popularity upsurge as they have been mentioned on a few of the decorating and home improvement shows.

A ginger jar lamp base is rounded, can come in many colors, and may be hand painted or crackled. When painted they normally have an Asian pattern which give them an exotic look. The deceptively simple shape of the lamp contrasted with the intricate painting makes these lamps stand out when used in most rooms. They might not be the most appropriate for a man-cave but in a more feminine room they work great.

Ginger jar lamps are one of many types of porcelain table lamps that are available to decorate a room. Lamp shades which come with these lamps are solid color and often have an inward curve which is opposite of the outward curve to the base. This gives these lamps a nice flowing silhouette which increases their decorative usefulness.

White Ginger Jar lamps are not normally plain white but will have a scene of some sort painted on them. A classic color scheme is white with blue painting. If the lamp is not painted they are often glazed in bright colors. Blue and white are not the only pattern colors but there are so many options that naming them really isn't practical, so I just randomly picked a couple.

Ginger jar table lamps are not the cheapest option out there. They will generally run you several hundred dollars and the price just goes up. If the money is not an issue these table lamps really stand out in a room.

Most of these lamps are made in China, but meet all the U.S. quality standards. If purchasing ginger jar lamps make sure that it has the UL seal of approval on it. A lamp with this seal has passed the strict quality checks of the Underwriters Laboratory.