Using a Ginger oak bunk bed is a great way to utilize space and still look good in a child's room.

This style has made a big come back in recent years, as space becomes limited for many families.  But they are designed a little differently now.  You no longer are restricted to the plain metal singleones on top of each other with that metal ladder and skinny mattress (which tends to be the first thing you think of when you think bunk beds!).

These beds have gone a bit "up town" now with good quality mattresses as well as good quality building materials such as oak.  Oak is a hardwood and very tough and ideal for furniture building.  The ginger oak finish is a beautiful rich finish that can really add to a room.  Ginger Oak Bunk Bed

You can get a well built double one with a single bed uptop, you are no longer restricted to a single top and bottom.  You can get these with drawers underneath for extra storage or even another pull out one if you tend to have lots of guests.

Ginger Twin Over Full Bunk Bed in Medium Oak

The double bed with a single above is the perfect way to use that spare room, or for extra guests your kids invite over.   This way you don't have to store a spare fold up one anywhere.  If you have a spare room that you would like to use for extra guests, but don't have the floor space to accommodate them, then consider getting these beds.  The oak with the ginger hue,  just tends to add a richness to the unit, and gives it a higher quality look and feel.

You can find these in higher quality furniture stores, or you can have them made for you with good quality materials, but you can also find a set online at sites such as Amazon.  You can get them complete with mattress sets, or you can upscale your mattress for better comfort.

The style with drawers underneath is another great storage idea that uses up the wasted space underneath which is perfect for the smaller room.  If you get the style with the drawers underneath, then you may not need any other furniture in the room. 

If you had forgotten about the old bunk beds as an option, then take a look at them again.  They take up less room, and if you have to double up kids in a room, this would be the perfect  way to go.  You can get them with comfortable mattresses and well made frames.

There are more safety features now with these sets, such as the high quality wood rail on the higher bunk to help keep them in, and the ability to take some jumping and running up and down the ladder.

If you think you would like the idea of a bunk style bed set again, then start looking around, but consider the internet for a better variety of styles, such as the double bed below and the single above, or drawers below.  There are many different options now, but the ginger oak bunk bed ticks all the boxes!


Night & Day Ginger Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Cherry Finish
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I love the tone of the wood.