Ginger, sometimes called ginger root, is a perennial herb that is native to Southeast Asia that has been Ginger6used for centuries for a variety of culinary uses as well as medicinal uses.   The use of ginger goes back about 2500 years, though it is an herb, it is sometimes referred to as a spice.  Historically, research has shown that ginger has been very popular to spice up food, but it should come as no surprise that it has many health benefits and could be very beneficial for what ails you.

For motion sickness sufferers, ginger aids in the relief of stomach discomfort and the symptoms of nausea, and it is a great effective herbal treatment in the discomfort and sick feeling associated with surgery and has been shown to provide beneficial relief from the unpleasant side-effects from certain medicinal treatments.  It has been shown to be effective as an aid for indigestion, heartburn, and bloating.  Thought of long ago as a folk remedy, the herb has anti-Ginger8viral properties that are very beneficial as a cold and flu treatment giving the immune system a boost to help fight infections.  Additional uses have demonstrated that ginger has been effective in lowering cholesterol in the blood.  Apart from having anti-viral properties, some additional basic properties of ginger root are the anti-oxidant elements, powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, lymph-cleansing ability, detoxes and aids in circulation. 

A very interesting therapeutic benefit of ginger root is the effect that ginger oil has on ovarian cancer cells.  Some studies have shown that the active phytonutrients in ginger known as gingerols, eradicates ovarian cancer cells, which is a promising alternative to or in addition to traditional treatment.  Many cultures the world over embrace this delightful herb and have known of its health benefits for centuries.  Ginger can be applied topically as a paste to relieve headache pain, it can be brewed to make tea spiced with honey, lemon or even a slice of orange, it can be added to juice to perk up the flavor, and some even drink ginger water.  Ginger root can be useGinger7d to flavor baked goods, candy, and some culture make ginger beer.  Some prefer the taste of pickled ginger; the pickling process does not change the healthy properties of the herb, and can be equally enjoyed in this manner as a compliment to a variety of foods.  There are no limits to the uses of this very flagrant herb.

The different compounds in ginger root have also been found to be very beneficial in treating diarrhea in developing countries.  Many cultures have embraced this herb for its health benefits, and it is typically found alongside many spices as a staple and is a Ginger4great compliment to be used in a variety of recipes, whether savory, spicy or sweet.  Ginger just be might be good for what ails you.  Ginger is easily stored in the refrigerator or can be frozen for future use.

Apart from the health benefits of ginger root, the special combination of the pungent and aromatic flavor of ginger makes it a delight to cook with, giving foods a delicious unique twist, treating the palate to a flavor that is not easily forgotten tempting you to come back for more.